How to Outsource and Automate Your Life, and Accomplish More by Doing Less – with Ari Meisel, the Productivity Genius


Have you ever met one of those CEOs who work 100+ hours per week, claim to always be busy, and get by on less than four hours a week – maybe even boast about it?

We don’t know about you, but every time we meet such a busy VIP, our first thought is, “Wow, they must not be very good at productivity!” This is a counter-intuitive thing to say, but it’s true.

You see, the conventional wisdom of entrepreneurship dictates that you need to do as much as humanly possible by yourself, constantly being at the breaking point. Only then can you have any hope for success as a business owner!

Well, the conventional wisdom is wrong-wrong-wrong (wouldn’t be the first time).

We believe something else entirely. We believe that the key to peak performance is not doing more – it’s doing as little as possible, and focusing on very few critical things.

Today’s guest on Get Genius podcast is a master at automating and outsourcing his life to make a massive impact and create opportunity in a few key areas that truly matter. He can teach anybody some incredible things about productivity – even a seasoned productivity junkie like Summer!

Today, she sits down with Ari Meisel, an entrepreneur of tremendous willpower, and a productivity genius.His unique perspective on entrepreneurship, as well as his incredible story of defeating an incurable disease, will blow your mind.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Here’s some background on Ari:

  • He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2006 – an incurable inflammatory disease of the digestive tract.
  • Within 5 years of being diagnosed, Ari was able to suspend his medication and completely defeat Crohn’s disease through a combination of yoga, nutrition, natural supplements, and rigorous exercise. “Incurable” wasn’t even in his vocabulary!
  • In June 2011, shortly after being declared free of all traces of Crohn’s disease, Ari competed in Ironman France – an unbelievably grueling race even when you don’t have an incurable condition!
  • Ari teaches Achievement Architecture and how to accomplish more by doing less to companies and individuals around the world.

If you’re looking for new ways to streamline your life and have more time for your business and your family, you will love this episode. Sit back, relax, and prepare to get genius!

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Here’s what you will learn:

Ari’s personal story of overcoming an incurable disease and becoming a productivity superstar [00:18]

Is Ari a naturally productive person? (The answer will surprise you) [04:06]

Why “to-do” lists are actually terrible for your productivity [06:40]

Achievement Architecture – Ari’s personal coaching methodology for automating and outsourcing as much as possible [09:14]

The secret to outsourcing and delegating intelligently [11:39]

The top 3 surprising things that can, and should be, outsourced effectively [13:50]

What Ari does and how he thinks to stay efficient as a father [16:46]

How you can fall asleep in 8 minutes or less [20:19]

Less Doing Peak Time App and how it can help you [21:16]

Resources from Ari:


Less Doing Virtual Assistants

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Less Doing Peak Time App

Less Doing BPO

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