3 Ways to Use Language to Connect With Your Customers

    Psst. Here’s a secret your customers won’t tell you… Jargon can send them packing as surely as citronella candles repel mosquitos. It’s true. Confuse them even a little, and they’ll just quietly slink away and head for a competitor’s site. Yes, that’s a brutal fact. But a fact […]

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How to Create Video Titles That Make People Drool

best titles for videos

    You’ve got this kickass video. Now it’s time to get it played! But people have so many options when it comes to videos. How can you get them to invest their scarce and valuable time into yours? The answer: With a title that makes it irresistible to them. […]

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Why Do Whiteboard Videos Work So Damn Well?

    Everyone knows you need to be using the powerful medium of video to market your products and services in today’s ultra impatient, text-phobic online environment. But…are whiteboard videos right for you? To answer that question, it’s important to understand why whiteboard videos work so damn well. The key […]

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A Simple Trick to Increase Your Videos’ Search Engine Ranking

video seo tips

    You probably already know that Facebook is a major force in the world of video marketing. But YouTube is still a huge player when it comes to getting your videos found by the people who need the products and services you’re offering. For one thing, it’s the second […]

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Facebook is Conquering the World of Video

facebook videos

    When was the last time you glanced at your Facebook news feed? Did you notice anything interesting? Like, maybe, an avalanche of videos strewn about by any chance? It’s official: Facebook is pushing video in a huge way. And as they do, more and more people are going […]

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How To Create Whiteboard Videos That Nail Your Goals

Defining a goal isn’t just part of the process of creating a great marketing video — it’s more like the whole chimichanga. Why? Because different types of videos are designed to do different things. Let’s talk about some of the more common uses of marketing videos, and the best ways […]

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3 Rarely Mentioned Reasons Why Video Is The King of Content Marketing

    Content marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes. You’ve got your social media, blogs, emails, ebooks, white papers, podcasts, you name it. But video is the most powerful of them all. If content marketing mediums were Hobbits, video would be Frodo. Here are 3 reasons why. 1. […]

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When Is It Okay To Sell Features?

    You hear the mantra all the time, “Sell benefits, not features!” But like all seemingly rigid structures, the benefits-not-features rule is made to be broken. Sometimes. First, let’s recap what the mantra means in the first place. Because it’s one of the most easily misunderstood rules of thumb […]

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I’m Dreaming of a Whiteboard Christmas

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Whiteboard videos make everything better! Even the holiday season. Here are two ways you can use whiteboard videos to give business a boost in November and December, while also having tons of fun! Video greeting cards This is an […]

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