Dump, Emulate, Steal: 3 Methods to Craft an Irresistible Video Title

If you want your video to cause a stir, and be shared and talked about, it needs a terrific title.

When your potential customers come across one of your videos, in just 2-3 seconds they will decide whether to watch it or not. And if they don’t hit “Play,” you lose money!

So you’d better reel them in from the very beginning, starting with an irresistible, impossible-to-miss headline. These 3 methods will help you come up with a foolproof title for your video, every time.

Let’s dive in!

1. Dump

This method works exactly as you might think.

video titles

Step 1 is to set a goal for yourself to come up with at least 5-7 titles for your video, and create an empty template with “Title #” on each line.

Then, just force yourself to write down those titles! The “brain dump” method is straightforward and easy – if you can resist overthinking every title and agonizing over a blank screen, that is.

A word of warning: most of the video titles you come up with will suck. Be prepared to feel embarrassed over at least 4 of those 7 titles (it’s OK – just don’t show them to anyone!).

The good news is, at least 1 or 2 titles will be good, and maybe you’ll get lucky and get an exceptional one somewhere in the mix.

As an example, let’s say you want to come up with a title for a video selling your SEO services. Here’s what you might come up with:

  • Title 1. Here’s Why You Need SEO (meh)
  • Title 2. #1 Reason SEO Will Make or Break Your Business (OK)
  • Title 3. How to Rank Highly on Google (meh)
  • Title 4. Failproof Method to Rank in Google’s Top 10 (for Anything) (good)
  • Title 5. What If Your Business Was on Google’s Page One? Let’s Dream (good)
  • Title 6. How to Make SEO Your Secret Weapon for Driving Growth (OK)

2. Emulate

One thing about titles and headlines – marketers have been writing them for a long time.

Visionaries like David Ogilvy (the original Mad Man), Eugene Schwartz (at one point the highest-paid copywriter in the world), and others have tried there best to create perfect headlines.

So why reinvent the wheel when you can use proven formulas that have already made someone millions? Just grab their winning templates, and make some good things happen!

If you’re game, grab these formulas to help you along:

The Case Study: “Steve Shares How He Made 7 Figures by Drawing Cats”

The Secret: “The ‘Missing Ingredient’ of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy”

The Subversion: “#1 Reason Rapid Growth Will KILL Your Business (It’s Not What You Think)”

The Investment + Promise: “Create Viral, Irresistible Headlines Every Time – for Just $99/Year”

The Deadline: “Fact: You Can Become Fluent in ANY Language in 3 Months”

Also, to make a more interesting title for your whiteboard video, make sure you spice it up with some power words. Words like “how to,” “secret,” “powerful,” “revolutionary,” “free,” “groundbreaking,” “easy,” “simple,” “miracle,” and others will grab your target customers’ attention.

3. Steal

Finally, if all of the above sounds like too much work, you can simply steal some amazing titles for your videos! And don’t worry, this is the kind of stealing that won’t get you in trouble.

All you have to do is go where creativity knows no bounds, and no rules exist – to the Amazon reviews section…

To steal a headline or two, do a quick search using some keywords related to the topic of your whiteboard video. So, for example, if you want to create a title for a video on weight loss, type “weight loss” or “fat loss.”

Then, browse some of the most popular products: books, DVDs, whatever. What you need is user reviews, more specifically – titles and selected quotes. That’s where your gold mine is.

In just a few minutes of browsing, you’ll be able to write down many gems, like these:

  • “This Method Is the Real Deal – not a Diet, but a Lifestyle”
  • “This Could Be Your New Nutrition Bible”
  • “Lose Fat the Right Way: Save Time, Save Money, Get Real Results”

You get the idea.

This method is so good, it’s used by many top copywriters when they create sales pages. And any copy that’s good enough for those grumpy cynics will make a terrific title for your video!

There you go – now you’ll never have to rake your brain in order to come up with a winning title for your video. You’ll have no less than 3 failproof methods: dump, emulate, or steal. Time to use them and unleash your creative side – all the while getting more views and more sales!

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