Five Lethal Marketing Message Mistakes

Your marketing message should capture the heart and soul of your company.

Your message the reason people buy your products and turn into lifelong fans.  But too many companies don’t go the extra mile to create a message that resonates with their market and instills the kind of trust and loyalty that makes people want to buy.


Here are our list of the top 5 lethal mistakes we see companies make with their marketing message on a regular basis:

  1. You focus on the WHAT, not the WHY.  People aren’t as interested in what you do as they are in why you do it.  Why did you create your business?  What sort of impact do you want to make in your customers’ lives?  This is what people want to know.
  2. It’s all about YOU.  Too many marketers make their message all about THEMELVES instead of the customers they serve.  Yes, you need to focus on WHY you do what you do, but it needs to be seen through the lens of how this will improve your customers’ lives.
  3. It doesn’t highlight what makes you UNIQUE.  If your marketing message sounds like everyone else’s, no one will pay attention.  You have to figure out a way to approach the topic at a fresh angle and make a promise that no one else is making.
  4. It provokes no emotion.  The best marketing messages evoke a strong and memorable feeling. They speak to people’s hearts and make them feel good about doing business with you.
  5. It doesn’t spark our imagination.  People love metaphor and symbolism and respond better to marketing messages that use images or story-telling to convey a deeper meaning.


Seth Godin once wrote, “A brand isn’t a logo. It’s a promise and an expectation.”

What promises are you making your audience?  What expectations do they have and how well do you fulfill them?  This is what the core of your marketing message should be.

A powerful and effective marketing message means the difference between a company that just “gets by” and one that has an enthusiastic base of customers who are eager to buy whatever the company offers them next.

Happy Marketing!

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