How to Master Your #1 Business Skill – Sales, with Ryan Stewman


No matter what industry you’re in, mastering sales is the quickest path growing your business. It offers more bang for your buck, and your time, than any other skill you could possibly pick up.

And yet, every day we see entrepreneurs dismiss, minimize, or neglect the importance of sales. Their specific excuses vary, but they usually go something like this:

“Selling is sleazy!” That’s correct… but only if you’re doing it wrong.

“Selling is hard!” Also true… if you never bother to learn it!

“My product/service speaks for itself!” No. Just… no. If we had a laugh track handy, we’d play it here.

From paperclips, to space rockets, to once-in-a-lifetime vacations – no matter what you sell, you have to… you know, have customers pay you!

And that tends to happen a lot more often when you’re good at sales. Or better yet, great at sales. Amazing how these things work, right?

For this week’s episode of the Get Genius podcast, we decided to ram a freight train full of insights and motivation right through your barriers and concerns about sales. To help us do that, we have invited one of the greatest salespeople you could ever learn from:

Ryan Stewman, the Hardcore Closer.

Have you ever met someone at the top of their game and thought: wow, it’s like they were born to do this? That was our reaction to Ryan’s story. See for yourself:

  • Ryan has never held a salaried job in his life. He has always worked hourly and on commission, or even on commission-only.
  • At 13, Ryan started selling car washes in Plano, Texas. He quickly became a record-setting service advisor… and at the car wash he worked, his sales record stands undefeated to this day!
  • Later on, Ryan became a mortgage loan officer. He closed over 1,000 loans – 183 of them in 2009, the worst year on record for the mortgage industry!
  • In 2010, he had to quit working as a loan officer, and build a 6-figure social media consultancy instead. In 2012, Ryan founded Hardcore Closer and started teaching business owners from all industries how to sell online.

Whether you are selling cars, homes, financial services, consulting, or anything else, Ryan can help you generate more leads with higher quality, increase your closing ratios and show you how to charge premium fees.

And he will be sharing his hard-won wisdom about sales on the podcast. We hope you check out today’s episode and use Ryan’s advice to close more sales this week! Enjoy!


Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Ryan

[03:51] Ryan’s unbelievable story

[16:42] “When you push harder, life gets easier”

[20:15] Getting into sales

[27:18] Being the voice of reason

[34:00] Humans don’t like to say no – here’s what it means for your sales

[39:04] Selling with whiteboard videos

[41:06] Working with Ryan

Click here for the full transcription

Resources from Ryan:

Sales Talk with Sales Pros Facebook Group

Small Business, Big Thinkers Facebook Group

Break Free Academy

Lastly, Ryan would like us to tell you to hire him. You can check his long track record of helping top producers hit a level in business they never before imagined. You won’t find any negative reviews from any of his paying clients, past and present, anywhere. He ALWAYS delivers what he says, and his track record proves it. Buy from Ryan and win. End of story. You can subscribe to his blog at


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