How to Reclaim Your Time and Freedom as a Business Owner – and Still Get a Ton of Stuff Done, with Ross Johnson

Business owners have this uncanny ability to run themselves into the ground.

They look at multiple projects, a calendar chock-full of back-to-back and overlapping appointments, and a to-do list seven miles long, and think:

“Sure, it’s totally reasonable that I should be doing all this!”

No, it’s not, dear entrepreneurs. It’s not reasonable at all.

We live in a culture that encourages this unrestrained craziness. People praise you when you clock in 80 hours a week, sleep in your office, and don’t see your family. They expect you to put on a brave face and a fake smile every step of the way, and criticize you when you don’t:

“Of course it’s hard – what did you expect?”

“If you want something done well, do it yourself.”

“Entrepreneur X is working even harder than you, and you don’t see them complaining!”

But maybe the most blatant and pernicious criticism of all is this: “It’s temporary! Just stick it out – then you’ll hire more people and you’ll only worry about the most important things.”

And the truth is, you won’t magically get more time and more freedom if you hire people. To accomplish this – and stay productive – you need systems and habits in place that will:

  • Reduce your normal workload to several critical things
  • Remove you as a bottleneck from company decision-making
  • Put backup plans in place, just in case something goes wrong

Today’s episode of Get Genius podcast is all about those systems and habits. You can apply them with a team of 3, or 300, or 3,000 – or more. They are universal, as our guest will prove.

This time, Summer sits down to talk with Ross Johnson. He is the co-founder of Fulltime Freedom – a consultancy that helps online entrepreneurs create more time, income, and mobility in their businesses.

Here’s some background about Ross:

  • At only 24, Ross has already experienced a hard-won “zero to hero” journey. He went from living on the fringe, with thousands of dollars of debt, to working with some of the most influential entrepreneurs on the planet.
  • Among others, Ross got his early start working with Aeri Meizel, a world-famous productivity expert (and a guest of the podcast). From there, he got insider access to other top entrepreneurs, and a first-hand perspective on how they ran their businesses.
  • Ross has observed, dissected and examined how businesses across dozens of industries operate on the day-to-day basis, and harnessed his knowledge to establish Fulltime Freedom, his consultancy.

The Draw Shop team, and Summer personally, has benefitted enormously from working with Ross. So we decided – if our listeners can experience even a tiny bit of the same transformation that Ross made possible for our business, he has to come on the podcast!

Long story short, here we are. We hope you enjoy today’s episode! We will let Ross and Summer take it from here…

(Oh, and there’s a free gift included with this episode, just for listeners. Check out the show notes to get it!)

Click here for the full transcript

Here’s what you will learn:

[00:38] Introducing Ross

[03:20] Ross and Summer nerd out about coffee… hard.

[05:00] The story of how Ross went from dead broke to working with elite entrepreneurs

[08:26] “The entrepreneurial dilemma” – you’re probably suffering from it, especially if you bootstrapped your way to success!

[09:39] How to kill your inner perfectionist

[10:00] Delegation is a habit – and here’s the best way to cultivate it

[11:38] “Giving yourself a promotion” in your business

[15:40] How to conquer interruptions and context-switching when life comes at you fast

[18:58] Outsourcing the mundane – car repairs, furniture, returns… and more

[23:28] The importance of entrepreneurial support systems

[26:00] How to outsource… THINKING! (mind… blown)

[30:05] About Fulltime Freedom

[33:31] Free gift for Get Genius listeners

Resources from Ross:

Free e-book: “The 5 Do’s and Don’t of Hiring the Perfect VA”

I Done This – A daily tracking system for what you have done

Trello – Ross’s favorite project management platform

Slack – One of the best tools for team communication


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