How To Supercharge Your Team’s Effectiveness And Unleash Superhuman Productivity

Company FuelIf you think of your business as a car, then your team members are the fuel behind it. You know where to go, but they’re the ones who help you get there.

And just like cars, businesses thrive on efficiency. This begs the question: Is your business running at the same efficiency as your car?

The numbers are in, and it’s not looking pretty: a shocking number of American workplaces aren’t running nearly as effectively and efficiently as they could (or should) be.

  • 32% of employees waste time because they aren’t incentivized to work harder (
  • Knowledge workers lose 2.7 hours each day to interruptions (Basex)
  • 28% of the average workweek is spent on email (McKinsey)
  • And 50% of American employees work late up to 3x per week thanks to the evil little culprit known as disorganization (McKinsey)

To put this in perspective, if we could somehow apply the above numbers to a car, it’d probably be running at about par with the fuel efficiency of the Titanic. But things don’t have to be anywhere near that bad to lead you to look for a change.

In fact, many entrepreneurs are doing just that. They’ve chosen to enroll their key team members in REBEL, a supercharged training program and community created by my friend Marissa Brassfield (Marissa is known as “the ultimate entrepreneur’s AI”).

REBEL is dedicated exclusively to helping team members thrive in the entrepreneurial environment, making it an incredible resource if you need to be surrounded by a support staff full of self-motivated, high-performance individuals who totally have your back at all times.

Click here to check it out for yourself, and see how REBEL can help you unlock the hidden potential in your business.

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