Is Your Marketing Being Defeated By This Secret Enemy?

Every time you write about your business, an invisible fight takes place.

In fact it happens any time you do any sort of communicating about your business; whether you’re shooting a commercial, making a pitch, or even just telling someone what you do at a networking event or dinner party.

There are two players in this secret battle (to borrow concepts from the awesome book Made to Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath):

Simplicity and the Curse of Knowledge

The Curse of Knowledge is what happens when you know so much about something, it becomes difficult for you to explain it to anyone who isn’t an expert. For most of us, it’d be easier to write an entire novella about what we do professionally than a simple blog post.

At this point you may be wondering which of the opponents is the hero…and which is the villain. That all depends on how you look at it.

If your goal is to help people understand what you do, then Simplicity is definitely your ally. It took you years to understand your business as well as you do…how much can you get across to prospects in 5 minutes? Not a whole lot.

But if you use Simplicity effectively, you can explain enough. We’re not talking about “dumbing down” here…just boiling things down to their essence so people can quickly absorb them.

simple explanationExample: Imagine trying to describe a smartphone to someone who’s never seen one before. You could launch into a rant about all of it’s amazing features, functions, bells and whistles……and confuse this poor soul even further…..or you could just say it’s a phone that works a lot like a small touchscreen computer.

Takeaway: Distilling your products and services down to their core simplicity isn’t easy. But it is surprisingly effective and rewarding when it comes to marketing them to the people who matter.

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