The Science of Facebook Ads That Convert, with Amanda Bond


Social media marketing is weird.

So many people – most of them smart marketers – treat it as the best thing ever… with very little evidence.

Why do we say that?

Just go ahead and look at any big brand’s Facebook page, Twitter account, or any kind of social media presence. You will quickly see that, despite literally millions of followers, the engagement these companies get is tiny.

As in, as low as 0,0005% of their total audience, or less (for example, check out some truly depressing numbers in this article)!

So where are the benefits? What is the point of having 5 million Facebook likes if you only get 100-odd shares on your posts (on a good day)?

And don’t even get us started on the fact that likes, shares, and comments are still miles away from actual sales. You know, that thing that keeps your business alive?

Now, as delightful as it is to harp on a popular marketing channel without suggesting a viable alternative, we want to take it one step further and give you something better and more effective…


Consider shutting down your organic social media marketing – and double down on paid marketing instead.

It’s a great way to bring hundreds of leads into your marketing funnel in very short order, make a good number of sales, and rapidly grow your business in a way that few brands can do.

And since you’ve got to start somewhere, we want to recommend Facebook ads – a genuine gateway to over a billion potential customers.

(More like several million, when you narrow it down to just your ideal prospects. Still, it’s a huge channel.)

And if you’re saying right now, “But I have no idea how to create profitable Facebook ads” – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This week on the Get Genius podcast, Summer is sitting down with Amanda Bond, to have an enlightening conversation about Facebook ads that you don’t want to miss!

Amanda runs The Ad Strategist – a boutique Facebook advertising agency working with top influencers in the digital marketing space. She helps entrepreneurs to stop wasting money, and start getting results… and that’s why we’re excited to share today’s episode with you!

In today’s podcast episode, Amanda and Summer will cover everything you wanted to know about advertising on Facebook:

  • How to zero in on your ideal customers with razor-sharp focus, picking them out of a billion-plus Facebook users.
  • Strategies for rapidly testing and iterating your ad campaigns, so you don’t blow through your advertising budget in a few days like most people do.
  • Actionable tactics you can use to start advertising on Facebook without a big marketing budget.
  • Missed opportunities and the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when they advertise.

And more.

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy this week’s interview with Amanda Bond – and apply everything you’ve learned in the real world!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Amanda

[04:15] Amanda’s long and winding road to becoming an advertising Genius

[09:56] How to get started with Facebook ads, even if you are completely new to this

[15:00] 3 things you can do to create instant connection and trust with advertising

[18:58] Digital marketing trends, and what the future holds

[21:38] The future of The Ad Strategist

[30:41] Opportunities entrepreneurs are missing (yes, you too)

[34:07] Thinking about hiring an ad agency? Here’s how to choose wisely

[42:22] Retargeting – a missed opportunity to get more sales, fast

[46:30] The Ad Strategist

Resources from Amanda:

The Ad Strategist agency


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