Cracking the Code of Human Behavior, with Blake Eastman


Would you like to know the most effective way to persuade anyone?

And we do mean anyone: a potential customer, an investor, an influencer, an audience of people… you name them.

The profound (and obvious) secret to influencing anybody is:

Get all up in their face. Literally!

We’re serious. Studies show that face-to-face communication is 34 times more effective than sending an email. So if you want to get somewhere with a prospect, or any other stakeholder, you should start by getting in the same room with them.

But that’s the easy part! The real question is, what do you do afterwards? How do you persuade? What exactly do you say?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that what you say matters much less than how you say it! You have probably heard that 93% of all communication is nonverbal, haven’t you? In this particular case, the old adage is true. If you want to influence people and persuade them to do business with you, then working on your words will only get you 7% of the way!

Today, we want to help you with the other 93…

And to do that, we invited Blake Eastman to the Get Genius podcast. Blake’s knowledge of human psychology and behavior is profound. He is a master of nonverbal communication, who practices what he preaches. Here’s how:

  • Blake used to be an adjunct professor at the City University of New York – a tenure he’d held for 7 years. He went on to specialize in nonverbal communication as a field of study, and developed a unique training methodology for producing rapid changes in body language and behavior.
  • Blake has taught thousands of people through live trainings at the Nonverbal Group – a company he created to teach his communication techniques. His students not only learn to read people like an open book, but also to change the way they present themselves to the world.
  • To top it all off, Blake is also a world-class poker player. He founded School of Cards, which became the first brick-and-mortar poker school in New York City. He also created Beyond Tells – an online program that helps poker players to master nonverbal communication.

Bottom line:

Who better than Blake to show you how to communicate with confidence and power… without changing a single word of your message?

And that’s exactly what you will learn in this week’s episode of Get Genius! During the interview, Blake and Summer will cover a ton of useful material, including:

  • Specific things to do if you’re nervous when you communicate in person…
  • How you can prepare for public speaking effectively…
  • The #1 thing you need to to understand about body language and nonverbal communication…

Strap in, because this is going to be quite a ride – and enjoy this chat with Blake Eastman!

Click here to view the full transcript

Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Blake

[10:01] Simple, actionable advice for improving your nonverbal communication

[12:46] Blake’s favorite examples of what effective communication looks like

[14:51] Communicating effectively when you feel nervous and your heart is in your throat

[19:33] How communication affects your entire life

[23:34] Key differences between verbal and nonverbal communication

[34:21] Blake’s advice for becoming a better, more confident speaker

[36:24] The ritual of daily self-reflection

[48:03] Top 3 takeaways you can apply immediately

Resources from Blake:

School of Cards

Nonverbal Group

Beyond Tells



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