Discussing Superpowers, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship, and Changing the World with Giovanni Marsico


What’s your most disliked stereotype about entrepreneurs, or business in general?

Here’s ours…

“Entrepreneurs can’t be trusted to act in the interests of other people, because they only care about money.”

It’s so unfair, and so hypocritical, that it drives us up the wall every time we hear it.

And thanks to breaking news stories about dishonest companies, greedy CEOs, and swindled customers, we hear it a lot. But guess what: it’s still a stereotype!

Here’s why we are so sure… We are friends with hundreds of entrepreneurs. And we do business with dozens more. And if you were to ask each and every one of them why they do what they do, the one thing you will not hear is, “I want to get filthy rich!”

Instead, you’ll get a lot of different answers, like:

  • Helping entrepreneurs overcome fear and self-doubt…
  • Teaching people how to self-publish a bestselling book…
  • Giving more people access to affordable organic food…
  • Changing the way people sleep for the better…

…and many, many more.

All those different answers are actually about one thing: changing the world somehow.

That’s what entrepreneurship is all about: making an impact you care about.

And today on Get Genius podcast we have a truly special guest, whose mission is to empower entrepreneurs everywhere to think big, pay it forward, and change the world.

Giovanni Marsico is the founder and president of the Archangel Academy, which is a coaching and mastermind organization for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. In addition to that, he organizes the annual Archangel Summit – one of the most transformative, fun-filled events we’ve ever attended.

In Giovanni’s own words, “It’s a giant lovefest.” And he is the one who makes it all possible.

Giovanni’s superpower is bringing people together, creating tight-knit communities of passionate entrepreneurs and spaces where knowledge is shared freely with everybody – all with the purpose of changing the world.

If you want to master things like working with influencers, crafting the perfect morning routine, or throwing unforgettable live events, you can’t miss this interview. You’ll even learn a way to give an unforgettable presentation… in under 126 seconds!

We hope you enjoy today’s episode – now, without further ado, here’s Giovanni!

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Here’s what you will learn:

00:30 Introducing Giovanni

03:43 Archangel

05:54 What is means to be “gifted”

13:01 The Archangel experience

14:08 Gifting forward

17:05 How to join Archangel

22:38 Transitioning to follow your passion

27:50 Strategy sessions in the shower

29:15 The Gifted Entrepreneur

Resources from Giovanni:

The Gifted Entrepreneur 


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