How to Create Your Own Life as an Entrepreneur, with Jeremy Slate


As an entrepreneur, you probably hear the words like “success” and “successful” all the time.

But what does it actually mean? How do you define it?

Is it about having a ton of money? Running a billion-dollar company? Working only on things you care about, while ignoring everything else? Sipping mai tais on the beach while your business runs on autopilot?

Success can be about all of these things – and none of these things.

Jeremy Slate, today’s guest on Get Genius podcast, has a simple definition of entrepreneurial success (which reminds us of Zig Ziglar and some other all-time greats):

“Success is getting yourself to the point where you are valuable enough to help other people succeed as well.”

And to do that, you want to do two things:

  1. Become exceptionally good at something, so you can add as much value to other people as possible.
  2. Create the life you want to have for yourself, and live it on your own terms – so you could focus as much as possible on doing the most important work of helping the people you want to help.

In this week’s interview, Summer and Jeremy will be talking about all this, and more.

In case you don’t know much about Jeremy, here’s just a couple of things (out of very, very many) that make him awesome, and worth listening to:

  • His story is not the usual “I’ve been building companies since before I could walk” stuff that we all know and (honestly) don’t love all that much. Jeremy didn’t think of himself as an entrepreneur for a long time, and he stumbled into it by sheer serendipity.
  • The main venture Jeremy is known for is his excellent podcast, “Create Your Own Life,” where he helps people to build the kind of life and business they can be proud of. During the interview, he will reveal how the idea came about, what he did to grow his podcast, and how it led him to new opportunities.
  • Together with his beautiful wife, Jeremy runs two media companies, teaching people to get more exposure for their companies and ideas. He also creates a ton of blog content, interviews the people he admires on his podcast, and still has the time to stay in shape.

If you got jealous just reading that last bit, don’t feel bad – so did we! Jeremy is a productivity machine, and he will be sharing his best tips in this episode.

In today’s interview, you will find insights about storytelling, reaching the unreachable people, fitness, how to thrive when your spouse is your business partner, and more.

So dive in, and enjoy this conversation with Jeremy Slate!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:16] Introducing Jeremy

[02:31] Jeremy’s fascinating journey to becoming an entrepreneur

[07:45] Create Your Own Life podcast – how Jeremy started and grew it

[10:25] Jeremy’s big bold mission

[12:50] Jeremy’s advice for millennials (or anyone looking for their “passion” and purpose)

[15:58] What success really is, and how to get there

[18:17] Slate Media Productions

[23:05] Business tips for working with your partner or spouse

[25:20] The most common questions Jeremy gets

[27:30] How Jeremy stays ridiculously fit and healthy as an entrepreneur

Resources from Jeremy:

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Create Your Own Life podcast on iTunes

Jeremy Ryan Slate


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