How to Unlock Explosive, Long-Term Growth, with Jimmy Harding


In our experience, many of the smartest marketers in the world have this in common:

In their past, they have endured some spectacular failures. Sometimes repeatedly.

Money lost. Partnerships dissolved. Companies sunk. You name it.

And if you ask every single one of those entrepreneurs, they would tell you: those failures have taught them 100 times more about business and marketing than their successes.

Not only that – they would say that those catastrophes shaped them into the geniuses they are today. Though they’d probably object to the term!

Speaking of geniuses – today’s guest on the podcast, Jimmy Harding, has endured not one, but several “extinction level” events.

In 2005, his construction business was almost entirely wiped out by Hurricane Katrina…

And shortly after that, he invested all his money – $100,000 – into a massive advertising campaign. He got one call back… from an advertiser trying to sell him more ad space!

But these failures sure didn’t stop him!

Fast-forward to today, and Jimmy is a best-selling author, consultant, speaker, and entrepreneur whose mastery of marketing is unrivaled. Just in January and February of 2017, Jimmy’s proprietary marketing strategies helped his clients to boost sales by more than $23,000,000.

As the CEO and Founder of Jimmy Harding Consulting, Jimmy helps business owners to develop, plan, and execute growth strategies to not only completely dominate their marketplace within twelve months, but also position themselves for long-term sustainable growth and market share.

His work has earned him access to influencers like Joe Polish, Tony Robbins, Neil Strauss, and Mike Koenigs – as well as world’s leading companies that regularly invite Jimmy to speak and consult for them.

Bottom line is, Jimmy is a marketing powerhouse, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you this week’s interview.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • What to do when your marketing or advertising isn’t producing results – this kind of thinking is the exact opposite of what most people will do, and it’s the hallmark of Jimmy’s approach.
  • A fast and effective way to customize a single marketing campaign to resonate with different types of customers… without dreaming up an entirely new strategy.
  • Things you can do to simplify your business without compromising your revenue goals and the rate of your growth.

And more.

In the show notes below, you can see a full list of all the awesome insights Jimmy shares in the episode. But now, without further ado, enjoy Summer’s conversation with Jimmy Harding!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Jimmy

[04:01] How Jimmy got his start in business

[10:00] “The $100,000 lesson” Jimmy learned about advertising, and getting results

[17:51] Jimmy’s favorite strategies to grow your business

[25:31] Three kinds of people

[30:03] How to simplify your business without risking growth and revenue

[37:12] How to ace your breakthrough call with a client

Resources from Jimmy:

Jimmy Harding


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