Starting a business on the side (without a product of your own), with Kelsey Holohan


All entrepreneurs are risk-takers.

At least, that’s what the conventional wisdom says. The popular opinion of an entrepreneur is a nerdy youth with a shock of badly-combed hair who has a crazy idea. Then, they go on to realize it, in a fit of mad genius and with little concern about what people will think…

…or, you know, what they will eat, where the money will come from, or if their idea is any good.

We think you would agree that this is not a smart strategy. Or a strategy of any kind, period.

Here’s a much better one:

  1. Build your business on the side, while keeping that job that pays the bills.
  2. Quit only when, and if, your business scales enough to support you full-time.

It’s not “sexy,” but it works. And it produces much more reliable results than, “I will quit my job and go on to build my Uber-for-owners-of-tiny-dogs app.”

You don’t even need a product or service of your own. Find a company you buy from and trust. See if you can partner with them. Find good customers, and sell their offer for a commission.

Boom! There’s your business.

In today’s episode of Get Genius podcast, we are sitting down to talk to one such entrepreneur – Kelsey Holohan. Kelsey is one year into building her business, and her story is fascinating.

So we decided to bring it to our podcast listeners!

Here’s exactly why:

Kelsey is a long-time friend of our Founder and CEO, Summer Felix. For the past year, Summer has had a front row seat to Kelsey’s profound transformation from a working mother who struggled to make ends meet…

…and into a successful part-time entrepreneur. Kelsey didn’t just find a way to generate additional income to support her family better – she also recruited a small team of her own. Now her business is as much a part of her life as her “regular” career.

Even better, it allowed her “luxuries” (we’re using quotes because everyone should be able to enjoy those things) like going to the movies with her kids guilt-free, not having to choose between buying household essentials or stocking up on groceries, and working from the beach if she feels like it.

Or, you know, just hanging out by the sea. Hopefully. Because, as every location-independent entrepreneur knows, you don’t work on the beach! Seriously – sand gets everywhere.

In this interview, besides her uplifting story, Kelsey will share insights about managing people as a new entrepreneur, effective social selling (she gets a ton of customers from Facebook), and the mindset that helped her to pull the trigger and finally start a business.


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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Kelsey

[03:21] Kelsey’s amazing story

[12:20] The true value of hard work

[18:31] Kelsey demolishes all excuses about starting a business

[27:06] How Kelsey built her team

[29:01] Why it’s important to believe in the product you sell

[38:04] How Kelsey used Facebook to drive most of her sales

[50:31] Being consistent

Resources from Kelsey:

Kelsey’s page on Rodan + Fields – for every purchase made, Kelsey will donate $20 to Prescription for Change, matched by another $20 from Rodan + Fields. Prescription for Change Foundation serves young people with life-changing empowerment programs where they live.

Say hello to Kelsey by email


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