How to Fascinate Your Customers by Becoming More of Who You Are, with Sally Hogshead


“Don’t be afraid to be different!”

“Just be yourself, and you’ll succeed!”

“Everyone in your industry is so generic – break the mold!”

In the business and marketing space, everywhere you go you see business “thought leaders” shouting this advice from the proverbial rooftops.

Now, here’s the problem… well, besides the fact that it’s incredibly ironic that people who tell you to be different sound (and often look) the same.

The problem is, this advice is all platitudes and no substance. As far as improving your communication and your personal brand as a business owner, it offers you nothing of value. It doesn’t answer the most important question: “How on earth do I do that?”

Today, we want you to learn exactly how to be more fascinating, more memorable, and more you. And to do that, we have invited a very special guest over to Get Genius podcast:

  • She became the most award-winning ad copywriter in the world… by age 24.
  • Her advertising work is so groundbreaking that it’s exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.
  • She is one of only 172 living members of the Speaker Hall of Fame – the highest award for professional excellence a speaker can get.
  • And finally, she knows more about branding than anyone. That’s why she is universally considered the No. 1 brand guru in the world.

Today, it’s our pleasure to bring you this interview with the always brilliant and fascinating Sally Hogshead!

Sally is the founder of How to Fascinate, and the creator of the Fascination Advantage – the only personality assessment that measures how the world sees you.

If you want to become irresistibly fascinating to your customers, employees, and business partners, Sally is the best person to help you. After spending a decade researching and working with dozens of Fortune 500 teams, hundreds of small businesses, and 1,000+ C-level executives, Sally has got it down to science – literally!

Without further ado, we hope you enjoy this conversation with Sally Hogshead!

(And don’t forget to take the free fascination assessment – head down to the show notes for the link and the secret code word.)

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Here’s what you will hear:

[00:16] Introducing Sally

[07:54] Why fascination is so important – not just in life, but in business and marketing

[11:35] Finding out what makes you fascinating

[14:24] Why people underestimate their ability to fascinate

[21:40] The concept behind Sally’s fascination assessment

[24:20] You Are Fascinating Project

[26:51] The key to becoming more confident – shifting your perspective

[35:00] How to use fascination to improve your relationships

[37:46] Sally opens up about the people who fascinate her

Resources from Sally:

The contest (running until April 21st) – follow the link to learn about the contest rules, and how to enter. We have partnered with Sally and her team to bring you over $2,000 in prizes. Those include a free whiteboard animation video made for you by The Draw Shop, and The Ultimate Personal Brand™ Playbook from How to Fascinate.


You Are Fascinating Project – to get your free assessment, use the code word TDS



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