A Health Hacker’s Secrets to Becoming a Better Entrepreneur, with TJ Anderson


In an effort to optimize your business, you are probably overlooking a huge opportunity for improvement – yourself!

You are the engine that propels your business forward. Your brain powers it with ideas, and your body powers it by showing up and doing the work. If either of them aren’t performing the way you need, your business will suffer – no matter how well-optimized it is.

And in turn, even a 10% improvement to your health and well-being would help your business grow more, and much faster. There’s plenty of relatively small changes you could make to become more focused, have more energy every day, and literally out-think everyone around you!

So how do you know what specific changes to make?

You can turn to health hacking – optimizing your health, and life, using the latest advancements in biohacking, behavior change, and functional medicine.

And if you’ve never thought about this topic before, that’s OK! Because this week on Get Genius podcast, we have an outstanding health hacker, and a health coach to hundreds of high-achieving professionals – TJ Anderson!

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His background is profoundly fascinating.

  • TJ started out as a Miami model, but his passion for health optimization led him to becoming a clinical health coach.
  • In that capacity, TJ has led group YoSANITY (yoga + INSANITY) classes, consulted top medical organizations on their health coaching strategy, and helped hundreds of busy entrepreneurs and other top performers to upgrade their health and quality of life.
  • TJ is also an avid student of health hacking. His book, “The Art of Health Hacking,” is filled with insights and stories of his own experiences, and those of other health hackers. It’s brilliant, and well worth a read – if you want to pick it up, we’ll let you know how to do that in the show notes below.

This interview is full of takeaways you can apply to your life as soon as you finish listening. From ways to deal with information overload, to valuable advice on preventing sickness and burnout, TJ doesn’t hold back. He also provides a simple path for everyone who’s new to health hacking but is eager to get started.

It’s a truly special episode, and we’re excited to bring it to you. We hope you enjoy this conversation between TJ and Summer!

Here’s what you will learn:

[00:16] Introducing TJ

[03:25] From a Miami model to health hacker

[08:59] TJ’s biggest inspiration

[12:30] The Ketogenic diet, and how it gave TJ boundless energy

[15:45] How to deal with informational overload, avoid “analysis paralysis”, and still make good decisions

[25:40] How to get started with health hacking, even if you’re completely new to the subject

[30:00] TJ’s book, “The Art of Health Hacking”

[37:15] “Elevate Your State” – live experiential retreat in San Diego, CA

Resources from TJ:

Learn more about “Elevate Your State” event

Get tickets to TJ’s event

“Elevate Your State” event on Facebook

TJ’s book, “The Art of Health Hacking”



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