How Long Should My Whiteboard Animation Video Be?

    One of the most common questions our clients ask us is, “How long should my whiteboard animation video be?!” This is a really good question — the last thing you want to do is create an amazing video, but have people click away after a few seconds because […]

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Want Your Customers To Buy? Tell Them How

    Have you ever created what seemed like a very convincing piece of content…chock full of emotion, urgency, scarcity, authority, and as many other psychological triggers as you could cram in there… Yet somehow you ended up shaking your head at the results? Think back: Did you tell the prospect […]

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Here’s One Way to Charm This Valentine’s Day

Have you seen this? The guy, who happens to be your good friend, who just doesn’t have the skills when it comes to girls.  He gets sweaty, starts shaking and loses all confidence when put in social situations with the opposite sex.  He’s a great guy, but doesn’t know how […]

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What We’ve Been Trying to Tell You

  Erik and I have been jamming it up at Piranha Marketing with one of our favs, Joe Polish. It’s impossible not to get fired up while being here and think of the umpteen billion more things we want to bring to our peeps to make their marketing even more awesome. […]

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Two Simple Pills for Reversing Your Video Storytelling Lobotomy

Video Storytelling Lobotomy

Bottom line…videos rule the world. The proof? YouTube is the world’s #2 search engine. Too bad so many YouTube marketing videos suck.     The Problem: Like any storytelling medium that becomes obsessively popular, everyone jumps on board slinging an ever increasingly array of lobotomized drooling storytelling videos at your target […]

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Five Signs Your Homepage Is Costing You Sales

The Draw Shop, Home of Kick-Butt Whiteboard Animation Videos

Your homepage is the single most powerful tool you have to build a relationship with potential customers and encourage them to try your product or service. (Outside of actual salespeople, of course.) It’s the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your website via a search engine or a […]

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