Six Tips for Mobile Video Optimization

Every day, a greater percentage of your viewers are watching your videos on a screen that’s only a few inches wide. Consider these statistics: Mobile video views jumped 300% in 2012 40% of all YouTube video views in the US are on mobile devices (that’s close to half!) 25% of […]

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The Script | 150 Words That Will Change Your Marketing

When it comes to writing the script for your marketing video, less is more. If you’re creating a typical 60-second video, aim for a script that’s no more than 120-150 words in length.  More than that and you’ll overload your viewers with too much information and they won’t be able […]

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Five Lethal Marketing Message Mistakes

Your marketing message should capture the heart and soul of your company. Your message the reason people buy your products and turn into lifelong fans.  But too many companies don’t go the extra mile to create a message that resonates with their market and instills the kind of trust and […]

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What’s In a Name? | Six Tips For Writing Video Titles That Go Viral

Six Tips for Writing a Video Title That Goes Viral

Animated Training Videos Your whiteboard animation video is amazing. It tells the story of your product or service exactly as it’s supposed to. Yet as time has passed, you haven’t seen the shares on social media you expected. The question arises, why isn’t your video marketing campaign generating the results […]

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Erik and Summer Exposed: Inside the Creative Genius of The Draw Shop

The Draw Shop Kick Butt Whiteboard Animation Videos

Welcome to a fun monthly series where you will get to know our two favorite, loveable, un-artistic artists, Erik Kerr & Summer Felix, founders of The Draw Shop. “But wait,” you cry, “can they even draw?” Let’s just say, Erik Kerr & Summer Felix are innovative artists of the networking, […]

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