The Secret Behind Ultra-Persuasive Whiteboard Videos

persuasive videos and how whiteboard videos tell a storyThere are many different types of persuasive whiteboard videos…

The explainer video that explains your new idea or concept to people…

The opt-in video that helps you persuade people to sign up to your email list by dangling a nice juicy carrot in front of them…

The crowdfunding video that inspires an audience to contribute to your awesome project…

The sales video that increases conversions on your product or service sales page (even while you sleep)…

The book trailer that promotes your awesome manuscript to the world and gives it viral potential…

The educational video that puts your TED-style talk into easy-to-consume drawings that help give it mass appeal to students…

BUT…despite the apparent differences between these whiteboard videos, they all rely on persuasion in order to make them effective. And we do that using proven principles from the Heath brothers’ amazing book, Made to Stick.

In this book, the Heath brothers analyze a few persuasive techniques that be utilized to make your whiteboard video the ultimate sales tool.


Have you ever noticed that the stickiest ideas are usually the simplest ones? From Aesop’s fables (e.g. Sour Grapes) to TV plots (“Who shot J.R.?”) to brand slogans (“Eat fresh”), simple ideas have a way of penetrating through the clutter and resonating with the minds and hearts of an audience.

Some people make complicated whiteboard videos, but that misses the entire point! We take advantage of the inherently simple whiteboard “technology” and maximize that value in a way that helps your content get viewed, shared and talked about. The object is to persuade an audience using simple and fun concepts that get people talking.


Telling stories is a very pertinent persuasive technique in sales, but very few are actually doing it. Most of the time there’s a quick introduction of the product, and then they just launch into their sales pitch.

This isn’t the way we do it! When we create whiteboard explainer videos, your customer gets to see themselves as the central character in a familiar story of struggle and conflict…where they can ultimately become the HERO…with your help, of course!


People might seem like they’re making logical, reasonable, rational decisions…but they aren’t! At least not for the most part. In order to move people to action, you need to tug at their heartstrings and get the emotions flowing.

Sure, we make our whiteboard videos logical, so people can follow along and make the rational side of their brain happy. But we also understand that the more important ingredient for a truly persuasive whiteboard video is emotion.

Our whiteboard videos might make you feel happy, or sad, or giddy with anticipation…but you can bet they’re going to make you FEEL. And that’s the important part. 🙂

These simple techniques are very important to utilize when building a persuasive video, and can really come in handy when you are trying to connect with an audience.

Now it’s your turn, get a whiteboard video going and start persuading your audience!


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