“Should I use video marketing if I’m in the X industry?”

We get this question all the time, for every industry from financial services (yes) to pest control (yes). But if we had to make a ranking, real estate would definitely feature in the top 3!

Is video marketing for real estate agents “worth it” – and should they use it?

So we thought, let’s talk about it! In today’s article, we’ll show you 10 reasons why you should use video marketing if you have a real estate brand. You’ll learn how it can help you:

  • Get more clients…
  • Stand out from the competition…
  • Establish your brand as an industry authority…

And more. If you want to know all 10 reasons, read on!Real Estate Marketing - The Draw Shop

1. Differentiate your business from the competition

When you sell a competitive service like real estate brokerage, it’s very easy to get lost in a sea of competitors. When everyone’s brand looks the same, sounds the same, and promises the same things, then it doesn’t even matter if other agencies are worse than you, just as good as you, or even better than you! It will be equally difficult to attract the clients you want.

Video marketing for real estate provides an easy way to stand out early on. Unlike a classified, a radio ad, or a short TV spot, it can properly highlight what makes your real estate agency a better fit for the people watching.

(And trust us, they will be wondering about that!)

Whatever unique value you bring to the table – extensive expertise, juicy listings nobody else can get, or a unique negotiation philosophy to get the best price for any property – the best way to convey it (short of a face-to-face meeting) is with video content.

2. Build trust even before you talk to the prospect

57% of consumers say that they trust video content when they consider whether to buy something or not.

Of course, what works for a $49 hair dryer you bought on impulse (hey, the color’s nice!) won’t necessarily have the same effect on the biggest purchase of most people’s lives. There are a lot more steps to selling or buying a property!

However, real estate agents should still use video marketing. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to inspire trust, by far – especially if your videos feature people and faces. Why fight an uphill battle to persuade prospects to do business with your through impersonal text ads and listings if you can go on a “charm offensive” with a video?

Besides, even if you aren’t sold on building trust, here’s what else you can do with video marketing for real estate…

3. Highlight your properties in a new way

We all know how good photography helps to sell properties. The stats are quite shocking: like how listings with good photos sell 32% faster, and even for $3,000-11,000 more.

Well, video marketing is simply the next logical step in making your listings more appealing! Every real estate agent who is even barely competent will be using high-quality photos to sell properties. Even as far back as 3 years ago, 83% of buyers wanted visuals of the property – so they’ve become the norm.


Very few industry players are using video marketing to show off their listings. It’s a competitive advantage just waiting to be seized!

There are two great ways you can use marketing videos to promote your properties. One is to do a video tour of an individual listing (some agencies even do it in 360-degree video and VR). The other one is to create a “highlight reel” of your choice properties and use that to attract potential buyers.

Both tactics will allow you to qualify leads even before you do an in-person property tour, and reach more potential buyers at scale – which is great news for you and your sellers!

4. Explain your process to new clients (or prospects)

When it comes to buying or selling properties, most people have no idea “how the sausage is made.” This can lead to misunderstandings, lapses in communication, unreasonable expectations, and all sorts of friction.

Video marketing for real estate agents can help you resolve these issues before they ever come up. You can use it to explain how your agency works, what clients can and can’t reasonably expect, and what happens at every stage of the process.

A video like that could be a standalone promotional piece (“What’s it like to partner with [Agency]?”) for your prospects; an onboarding video for new customers – or even a series of shorter videos in your FAQ section, designed to answer common questions and leave your inboxes and landlines open for actual sales inquiries.

5. Overcome objections more effectively

In any sales process, you eventually find yourself addressing the same (often weirdly specific) objection or concern your prospect has. And then you move on to another prospect and do it again. And again. And again. And aga… you get the idea.

And the bigger the purchase, the more often those same objections come up. For example, one of the most common concerns in real estate is, “Is the neighborhood nice?”

(After all, it’s all about location, location, location!)

Now, you could drive each individual buyer around – and repeat the process a hundred times whenever you sell a new property…

…or you could simply make a marketing video showing off that beautiful neighborhood and show it to new prospects! So much easier, isn’t it?

You can use the same strategy to overcome many other objections you get from people on a regular basis. “Are you local?”, “Do you have a good selection of listings?”, “I want my house to sell faster, what can you do?” – you name it. With smaller objections, you can just make them part of your main marketing video. And you can tackle major ones with standalone videos!

6. “Paint the dream” of a successful outcome

When people buy or sell real estate, they don’t really want a building or a bunch of money. They want to get access to a desirable future. A new life. New opportunities that weren’t there before.

That’s why, when you’re trying to persuade prospects to work with you, it’s vital to “paint the dream” and show them the outcome that will resonate with them.

Maybe they want to sell their property for more money, so they can buy a better house later, or give their children an education, or invest it. Or perhaps they’ve been dreaming about their new life – in a luxurious house in a wonderful neighborhood, where they can raise kids and grow old together and be happy.

Great! Whatever your potential clients want, you can use video to “connect the dots” between them working with your agency and the desired result in their future. And then by the time you talk in person, they’ll be that much more eager to do business with you!

7. Give proof that your services are effective

Proof is an essential component of your marketing message. More people will work with you if you can provide evidence that your services work as advertised, and your track record is solid. And for real estate agents, video marketing is one of the best ways to do that.

For example:

We bet that your real estate agency has had many, many satisfied clients over the years. It’s a shame you can’t invite them to speak to your prospects on your behalf and share their stories…

…or can you? Just record a few powerful testimonials from your buyers and sellers, and use them as your marketing assets!

In addition, there are other creative strategies you could use when doing video marketing for real estate:

  • Highlight your best-performing real estate agents.
  • Show off video clips of your agency accepting an industry award.
  • Make an in-depth case study about a highly complex deal you pulled off.
  • Or even give a “makeover” to an underwhelming real estate listing and film it.

It’s up to you! If you want to learn more about using proof in your marketing, check out this article.

8. Convey emotions more powerfully

Emotions are a key driver behind most of our buying decisions. Some might say they’re the key driver. There’s even scientific evidence that people literally can’t make good decisions based on logic alone!

That’s why every brand centers its marketing message around emotion – it works! And real estate is no exception, as it’s both incredibly personal and hugely emotional. So you don’t want to engage your potential clients on a purely rational level. Instead, appeal to their emotions! Then they will be more likely to take action: call you, email you, show up at your office, or book an appointment.

And when it comes to conveying strong emotions in a short amount of time, video marketing gives you the best chance to succeed. Use it wisely, and enjoy that lift in conversions!

9. Focus on different stakeholders

Video marketing for real estate agents is useful for more than just attracting clients. There are many other stakeholders who can contribute to the success of your business – and you can use the power of video to influence them, too!

They could be:

  • Your current and potential employees…
  • People who might bring your referrals…
  • Other agents who represent buyers and sellers you interact with…
  • Potential business partners…

And others. You can create marketing videos with any of these groups in mind – and they can produce ROI that’s just as massive as you might get from client-facing videos!

For example, a great recruiting video can deliver a rockstar new agent to your organization, who will generate six- or seven-figures in revenue for you. A well-made employee training or onboarding video can boost how much your team gets done – and how much revenue you generate over the long term.

Bottom line is, while it’s important to market to your potential clients, there are many other things you could do with video marketing – like engage other important stakeholders!

10. Build an audience full of high-value prospects

Normally you wouldn’t think that a real estate brand could ever build a loyal, interested audience. No, it’s all about constantly chasing leads, qualifying them, and working with the few prospects who are left… Rinse and repeat.

Except it’s not true at all. There are real estate agencies whose content gets 18,000,000 views per month – agencies that don’t have to worry about lead generation, because they have a massive audience to choose from!

Video marketing can help you do the same. Create videos that educate, entertain, and help your potential clients – no strings attached. Maybe you can:

  • Teach them how to maintain their dream home in perfect order.
  • Develop a helpful local resource that points them to top restaurants or farmer’s markets.
  • Give them tips on how to negotiate with the bank for a home loan.
  • Teach them what to watch out for when buying a property.

As a good rule of thumb, focus on creating video content that will be useful or entertaining (or both!) to your target market even if they aren’t buying or selling a property right now. That way they will stick around as your followers or subscribers for longer. And when they do need a real estate broker, your brand will be the first they think of!

How can you benefit from video marketing for real estate?

Do you want to get started with video marketing – or improve your existing strategy for more conversions and ROI? Either way, let’s talk!

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