10 Ways to Grow Your Business with Snappy 1-Minute Videos Your Customers Will Love


Whenever we chat with entrepreneurs about video marketing, the same two things come up again and again. 

  1. “Where can I use my videos?” and 
  2. “Video is expensive” (hey, no argument there!) 

This week, we thought we’d tackle both of these questions in the same article. So we put our thinking caps on and imagined ourselves as business owners who:

a) only have a budget for short-form videos — say, under 1 minute; and 

b) don’t know where to use those short videos to grow their business…

…or if to use them at all!

And we came up with 10 ideas for how you could use short and sweet 1-minute videos to grow your business: to get more leads, get more sales, increase customer lifetime value, all that good stuff. 

All 10 ideas are suitable for any business and none of them need a giant budget. Now, you probably know about 1-2 — but we guarantee you that you haven’t heard of some of them!

Let’s start with the obvious (but still underrated) strategy…

10 Ways to grow your business

1. Landing page video

You can give any landing page a conversion rate boost by adding video to it.

Not any video, of course: Keyboard Cat won’t help you get email subscribers or sell more products — even if you sell keyboards… or cats!

But even a short landing page video about your brand, product, or service achieves two extremely important goals:

  1. It keeps your visitors engaged, reducing the bounce rate and making it more likely that they stick around to browse the rest of the page
  2. It makes them more likely to take action — click through, opt in, or even buy. How likely? It will depend on the visitor, the action, and the offer itself.

Thanks to this two-pronged effect, you can use video to enhance any page on your site: your homepage, your lead-gen landing pages, product pages, even your About page and Contact page!

Tip: Make sure that whatever you set to communicate is actually possible to fit into a 1-minute video. Otherwise, consider going with a longer runtime, optimizing a different page, or making your message more focused.

2. Confirmation video

We all know what the hardest part of lead generation is. It’s getting the lead’s contact information.

But do you know what’s the 2nd-hardest — and by far the most frustrating — part is?

It’s when your newest lead immediately loses interest and falls off the radar. Ugh! Why did they bother with the opt-in in the first place, then? What did you do to deserve this?

To make sure that more of your leads stay interested and engaged, use a confirmation video. In the video itself, keep it simple:

  • Thank them for opting in.
  • Tell them what comes next.
  • Give them one tiny thing to do.

For example, ask them to confirm their email address. Or check out your top blog posts. Or follow you on social media. Or answer a 1-2 question poll right there on the thank-you page.

Confirmation videos help you get “a foot in the door” and build the relationship with your leads faster. Very few brands use them — so be the exception and leave an impression!

3. Onboarding video

Too many brands assume that their work is done once the customer buys something. Actually, it’s barely started!

Customer onboarding isn’t just a nice thing to do — it’s key to retention and your long-term growth. And video will help you knock the socks off new buyers and develop a solid relationship with them faster!

You can use it to:

  • Thank your customers whenever they buy
  • Set expectations about what happens next
  • Tell them what to do if there’s a problem
  • Answer frequently asked questions, fast
  • Explain your company policies the simple way

And more. Not all customers reach out when they have a problem — and your awesome support team can’t be everywhere at once. Onboarding videos help to bridge this gap. They are a terrific tool for keeping your customers happy and turning them from first-time buyers into lifelong fans of your brand.

4. How-to video

People are starved for content that’s both valuable and short. If you want people to spread the word about your brand and engage with it, find a way to produce how-to videos that check both of these boxes.

And by “valuable” we don’t necessarily mean that it needs to be amazingly helpful and change people’s lives. If your how-to video solves one small but annoying problem or teaches one useful thing (like this 1-minute recipe) it’s already enough. 

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be helpful — just entertaining and fun to look at! There’s a booming industry of snappy tutorial videos that look beautiful… but aren’t very useful. But people still watch them and share them as a kind of “guilty pleasure” entertainment.

So even if your how-to videos are light on the “how to” part, make sure that they look good and are fun to watch!

5. “Sneak peek” video

OK, we’re cheating a little bit here… Hear us out, though!

Chances are, you have some video or audio content that’s waaay longer than 1 minute. And maybe you feel like there’s no way to promote it on social media, because:

a) nobody cares about long-form content anymore (not true, by the way!) and

b) you can’t post an hour-long podcast or a 20-minute video on socials.

This is where the sneak peek video comes in. Here’s how you can create one:

Just take out any 60-second fragment that you think absolutely kicks butt and will appeal to your viewers, make it into a separate video and put it up on your social media with a link to the full version. Or alternatively, take a few smaller fragments and edit them together into a small “highlight reel” and publish that.

Tip: If you have audio footage but no video, you can pay someone to animate it, or create a simple slide deck and use that as “animation.” You can even take a nice-looking thumbnail and put it up as a static picture — if the audio is compelling, your viewers won’t mind!

6. Product announcement video

If you have:

  • Launched a brand-new product
  • Shipped a new feature for your software
  • Started offering a new service

Then don’t you want everyone to know about it? Of course you do!

And in that case, a press release, an email or a blog post just won’t cut it. Instead, make an announcement video that covers what you’re doing (launching a new product/service!), why people should care (it will help them do X!), and how to get it (pre-order here — first 100 get a bonus!).

Tip: If your new offer is high-priced, complicated, or both, then you want to direct viewers to “learn more” rather than buy or pre-order. Plus, it goes without saying that a 1-minute video isn’t a substitute for having an actual product page, service page or a pricing page — it’s more of a teaser or an attention-grabber!

7. Call-to-action video

Let’s say you need your customers to do something specific and unrelated to buying. It could be: voting on a poll, completing a survey, or giving you feedback on something.

If you want to get as many people as possible to take that action (like we assume you do!) don’t just ask them in writing…

Make a video, too!

For starters, more people will see it — especially if you use a few tricks like mentioning the word “video” in your headline or email subject line. But more importantly, your call to action will be more engaging that way, and more of your customers will actually take the time to do the thing!

Just make sure that you make it as easy as possible for them. Ideally, have a clickable in-video link or, at the very least, give them ultra-specific instructions. Check out this article to see how you can construct the best call to action possible.

8. Giveaway/contest/challenge video

We’ve said before that giveaways and contests are an excellent way to get more sales.

Well, here’s how you can make this strategy even more effective!

Next time you do a giveaway or a contest, record your announcement in a quick 1-minute video and add it to any posts about the event: your email, your giveaway/contest webpage, and your social media posts.

That way, you’ll get more engagement across all channels as the video grabs people’s attention. Plus, you’ll be able to promote your giveaway or contest on other platforms more easily — video is the most shareable, repostable type of content you could ask for!

Tip: If you don’t do contests or giveaways, you can post a quick challenge video doing something and invite your viewers to match or exceed your feat. For example, let’s say that you sell ergonomic computer keyboards. You could post a 1-minute video where you touch-type really fast and dare anyone to beat your wpm record!

9. Advertising video

There are lots of reasons to use video marketing ads:

  • They perform very well on Facebook, which is still the most sophisticated advertising platform — and YouTube, the world’s “2nd biggest search engine.”
  • They tend to have a high clickthrough rate, so you’ll get more clicks overall at a lower cost-per-click.
  • Because video is everywhere, it’s easier to understand, and it’s more accessible, video ads help you reach many more potential customers.

Bottom line is, if your marketing strategy uses any kind of paid traffic, if it doesn’t include video ads, you’re missing out. So it’s high time you created and tested your first video ad campaign! 

It doesn’t even have to be a 1-minute video: for some places like social media, 15-, 30- or 45-second videos will actually work better.

And for extra credit, create a retargeting campaign instead of a regular one. Prospects who have already been to your site but left are more likely to come back — and the ads won’t be as expensive, which is nice!

10. Testimonial video

Even the cleverest marketing copy ever written can’t hold a candle to this one simple thing: your customer sharing their experience with your brand, in their own words.

That’s why testimonial videos need to be part of your marketing toolbox. Luckily, they are extremely easy to make! You don’t even have to go nuts and fly people into a studio or anything. 

Well, you can, but you don’t have to!

Instead, you can simply ask a happy customer to record a 1-minute video about their experience with your brand — like this one! You can give them a small checklist of things to mention to keep them on track.

Or you can also make a “highlight reel” of raving quotes from social media or your support emails. It’s that simple!

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