Here’s a loaded question for you: 

Do your customers understand the value of your offer? And I mean, really understand it? 

Do they see your product or service as an expense… or an investment? 

Do they recognize what you sell as unique and special — or just one of many? 

And after buying from you, do they think about the money they’ve just waved goodbye to… or the life-altering value they’ve gained? 

If you would like your customers to perceive your offer as the jaw-dropping, game-changing, mouth-watering opportunity that it is, today’s article will help.

This week, I’ll show you 4 strategies to skyrocket the perceived value of your offer — so your prospects line up for a chance to buy, practically beg you to take their money…

…and feel like the luckiest people in the multiverse, no matter how much they paid you!

You will learn:

  • The key difference maker that transforms any offer from uncertain and risky into a no-brainer in your customers’ eyes.
  • What customers really buy when they pay for products and services — and how to translate those insights into truly irresistible marketing.
  • The one type of marketing all customers trust — even the biggest skeptics! — and how to deploy it to promote your product or service.
  • How to outshine all competition and become the go-to brand for your audience, even if you do business in a hypercompetitive market.

And now, without further ado, let us begin.

Pictured: TDS mascot, ROIVid, is lounging on a huge sack of money, beach cocktail in hand.


1. Reassure them with an irresistible creative guarantee

Imagine that you’re doing a trust fall exercise with someone you’ve never met before.

Now, you’re already jittery at the idea of trusting a stranger… But to make matters worse, the floor is hard concrete — if this person doesn’t catch you, you are risking serious injury!

When you ask people to buy into your offer, they feel a similar kind of fear and uncertainty.

From their perspective, it’s a trust fall with a very real possibility of a painful landing. And if you want them to say yes, you’d better cover that concrete floor with a nice cushy mattress! Metaphorically speaking.

That’s exactly why your product or service needs a persuasive, ironclad guarantee behind it. Guarantees remove the risk from your customer and put it on you, so even a high-ticket offer becomes a no-brainer in your prospects’ eyes.

If your guarantee can remove all risk — or better yet, ensure results — you can charge anything you want.

Real-life example: at first, I wanted to list just one example for you, but there are simply too many different kinds of guarantees to choose from.

So instead, treat yourself to this monster post of 39 guarantee types. This is by far the most comprehensive resource I’ve seen on the topic, and it features lots of examples from real-world businesses.

I recommend you read through it, choose one guarantee type that jives with your business model and your offer best, and swipe it for yourself.


2. Seduce them with concrete benefits and outcomes

Consumers don’t buy products and services — they actually buy benefits and outcomes.

A done-to-death marketing saying goes, “When you buy a drill, you buy a hole in the wall.” Personally, I think it’s a bit misleading. Because who wants a hole? I mean, come on!

No, what we really want is to put up a shelf for our books; to hang a picture of our family, or that painting our spouse loves; to turn a bare wall into a piece of home.

See? Like I said: benefits and outcomes.

Not only do they motivate buying decisions — they can also influence how much someone is willing to pay for your offer. If you zero in on a relevant outcome your customers or clients desperately want, and you can promise it to them in vivid detail… 

…they will happily pay whatever you ask.

Real-life example: check out how Trello deftly weaves benefits and outcomes into its landing page copy.

With a SaaS product, there’s an ever-present danger to bore people stiff with features and technicalities, so I love how they managed to keep the copy focused on the big things.

Phrases like “reach new productivity peaks,” “your portal to more organized work,” “reduce the number of tedious tasks” and others make it sound like an essential, unmissable tool… and make the pricing concerns all but irrelevant.


3. Dazzle them with overwhelming proof (and build instant trust)

Buying into a product or service for the first time always feels like a leap of faith.

The problem is, customers — and human beings as a whole — despise risk. So they naturally gravitate towards offers that feel more like a “sure thing.” People prefer offers that have ample proof behind them; proof that they work for people like them… and have already helped many buyers who came before.

(And they will happily pay a premium for that added feeling of certainty and safety.)

So if you want to position your product or service as amazingly valuable and irresistible, be prepared to supply undeniable proof to your customers.

And I’m talking overwhelming proof.

Not one random screenshot with a glowing review. Not 3-5 unverified testimonials or short case studies. Not a solitary D-list celebrity endorsement.

Deliver several types of proof at once… and lots of them. For example:

  • A gallery of testimonials (text and video) and verified product reviews.
  • In-depth case studies showing the life-altering value of your offer.
  • Current stats on how many people trust and use your products or services.

Do this, and you’ll get even the most skeptical prospects itching to buy.

Real-life example: nobody wields proof for marketing as effectively as our good friends at HubSpot. Their case studies page is a masterpiece — a “quadruple threat” of stories featuring famous brands, juicy data points showing the incredible results their clients are generating, the many industry awards they’ve been honored with, plus the numbers and stats that reveal the scope of HubSpots brand. Perfect, no notes.

Pro tip: it’s never too early to start gathering and showing off proof of your awesomeness. Arguably it’s more important if your business is a newcomer to the market! This guide will help you master one of the most effective types of proof: video testimonials.


4. Impress them with your USP and outshine all competition

Why would a prospect choose to do business with you over any and all competitors?

If you have a good answer to that question, you will have your pick of premium buyers ecstatic to pay whatever you ask. And if you don’t, you’ll have to fight tooth and nail for each customer or client — even the low-quality ones.

You want to identify what makes you the perfect fit for your ideal customers… and then never shut up about it! Feature it in your marketing assets, your sales conversations, your identity as a business, everything.

A strong USP can, and will, make your company look like the obvious choice to the right kind of buyer, no matter how much you charge or how many competitors are prowling the same market.

How can you create a powerful USP? Start with this simple statement:

“We are an X company. Unlike all other X companies, only we Y.”

In this formula, X is your industry, and Y is your point of differentiation that separates you from every other player in your chosen market. So fill in the blanks, and find your unfair advantage!

Real-life example: one way to position your business as unique is specialization, a.k.a. becoming known as THE authority on the #1 solution your ideal customers or clients desperately need. That kind of unique expertise is, by definition, highly valuable.

E.g. check out this copywriter, Caroline Mays, who made a name for herself creating compelling bios for business owners. This USP is all over her homepage, and even without knowing anything else about her, you can’t help believing her expert status on the matter.

And when your prospects see you as the go-to expert on something, they will pay you whatever you want for that expertise!


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