5 Sure-Fire Video Marketing Strategies You’ll Need to Thrive in 2021


It’s hard to believe that we are less than two days away from 2021. 

Don’t pop the champagne just yet… but definitely start throwing flirty looks in the direction of the champagne! Because it’s almost time to usher this year out the door and welcome the new one. 

And it’s also time to think about how you will market and grow your business in 2021.

Now, you’ve probably seen tons of articles about all the marketing trends, strategies, and tactics that will become all the rage in 2021. Posting them at the end of every year is a hallowed tradition at this point.

Well, I want to use our last article of 2020 to talk about something completely different…

I want to share with you 5 video marketing strategies that are not trendy — but reliable. Not “sexy,” but effective. Not new… but proven.

These strategies may not be the object of hype, but they work. And they will still work in 2021 — and beyond — just like they worked in 2020 (and before then).

And if you care about growing your business more than looking cool to other entrepreneurs and marketers? That’s all you really need.

So: let’s break them down…


1. Explainer videos

Whatever trends come and go in 2021, one thing remains certain…

You will always need compelling content to communicate with your target market and convert curious strangers into real buyers.

Explainer videos will help you connect with your potential customers efficiently and in a way that drives them towards action. They make for the perfect medium to break down a complicated offer and convey it with simplicity and power.

Explainers will allow you to:

  • Generate more leads by driving traffic to your landing pages (and boost conversions while you’re at it)…
  • Engage and nurture prospects who are already looking for an effective solution to the problems that keep them up at night…
  • Position yourself as the go-to leader in your industry much better and faster than other types of marketing content…

And more.

No matter what industry you’re in, creating marketing messages that are impossible to misunderstand is a superpower

…and that’s why explainer videos will remain your greatest asset for marketing your business in 2021!

They pack a ton of information into a super tight format. They have the uncanny ability to stand out and cut through the noise of today’s digital landscape. They are easily discoverable by your target audience. And they’re just the right kind of content for the internet that’s becoming increasingly dominated by online video!


2. Internal video marketing

At its heart, marketing is simply communicating a message to a specific audience in a way that drives action.

And that audience doesn’t have to be your customers. In fact, some of the most ROI-producing video marketing you’ll ever do will be internal — and directed at your team.

Think about it: if you want to crush your 2021 goals, then you’ll need everyone on your team to be as capable and motivated as possible to do their best work.

To achieve that, you can:

  • Use training videos to help your employees learn new skills and apply them in their roles with better results.
  • Communicate your strategic vision and goals to everyone who works for you, so you’re always on the same page about where the company is going.
  • Celebrate wins and milestones you achieve as a team, so everyone feels connected to the work they do and its far-reaching impact.

Beyond that, you can also use video marketing to communicate with — and persuade — all kinds of stakeholders that are well-positioned to help your business grow.

Contractors and affiliates / joint venture partners may be on the outside of your company… but as long as you’re working together, treating them as part of your team and supporting them with training, onboarding etc. can and should be part of your partnership strategy!


3. Retention-focused video marketing

Having a robust base of repeat customers is the best way to future-proof your company against whatever uncertainty is waiting for us all in 2021.

These people are the bedrock and the lifeblood of your business. They buy from you on the regular — without much persuasion on your part, — they spread the word about your brand… 

…and it’s much easier and more cost-effective to stay on their good side than to acquire new customers!

That’s why retention-focused marketing is key to your success in 2021 — and video is a huge part of it!

Here’s how you can use video marketing to increase retention and improve customer loyalty:

  • Use onboarding videos to help your first-time customers become familiar with your product or service, the procedure for getting support etc. This will help reduce friction and ensure an awesome customer experience.
  • Create valuable exclusive content for your customers’ eyes only: demos, video tutorials, or even a structured digital course to teach them advanced skills. If you help your customers get better results from using your product or service, faster, they will be more likely to buy again!
  • Leverage video to add a human touch to your customer support communications. For example, your team can create personalized thank-you videos and follow-up videos to delight customers and make a memorable positive impression.


4. Personalized and segmented videos

The age of one-size-fits-all video content is over. Your customers are tired of generic messages and starved for a more personal touch.

They want to see content that is 100% tailored to their unique needs and experiences. Content that doesn’t rely on interruption to be noticed… but instead comes at just the right time, in just the right way.

Not only do your customers want it — they expect it!

Delivering segmented, personalized video content to your customers might just be your biggest challenge in 2021…

…and your greatest opportunity.

Why? Because it will help you solve your toughest business challenges! Lead generation and nurturing; boosting conversions; increasing customer lifetime value; standing out from the competition — everything gets easier when you have cracked the code on segmentation and personalization!

Here are just some ways your business can implement this strategy in 2021…

  • Leverage technology to improve your video marketing strategy. Use marketing automations to deliver the exact content your customers want based on behavior. E.g. if they watched one of your videos, send them an email recommending another video on a similar topic.
  • Use bespoke, personalized video content in your sales process to boost conversions throughout the funnel — this works especially well in the B2B space.
  • Use video analytics to inform your content strategy. Viewership and search data can help you determine what your audience is most interested in, and produce more videos they will love.


5. User-generated video content

Today’s customers are both sophisticated and skeptical of any and all “official” marketing content they find online. And if today’s trends are anything to go by, they will become even harder to impress in 2021!

But there’s one trusted source your customers pay attention to more than anyone else…

What is it? Other people just like them!

This is a well-known bias we all share. When someone on the outside tries to convince us of something (anything!), we put our guard up. But when a person who looks and talks like us does the same thing… we can’t help but pay attention.

Your company can take advantage of this by leveraging user-generated video content to grow your business!

“User-generated” or “user-created” simply means that the content comes from your target audience — and not from you, the brand. It can take many forms, such as:

  • Raw and unfiltered testimonials from your customers
  • Clips showing off cool ways to use your product
  • Reviews of your product or service
  • Any kind of creative work highlighting your offer or brand

And more.

There are tons of ways to make sure that your business has a steady supply of user-created videos.

For example, you can create giveaways and contests asking people to create a cool video about your brand. You can also solicit videos via social media — getting your audience to share testimonials, clips showing your product in action, personal stories about your brand and offer, and more!


The fastest way to grow your business in 2021 — and beyond

Converting cold leads into paying customers is hard. Before you can earn someone’s money, you have to earn their attention first. In our fast-paced, easily distractible world, it’s almost more difficult than getting someone to buy from you!

To take your business to the next level in 2021, you will need a guaranteed way to stand out — the faster the better.

An Elevator Pitch is designed to cut through all the distractions and grab your prospects’ attention as fast as possible. It’s a single, memorable statement about your business that you can deliver in 30 seconds or less. And it has ONE job — getting potential customers excited enough and curious enough to say the 3 all-important words…

“Tell me more!”

I know what you’re thinking, “There’s no way I can hook people on my business in 30 seconds!” I disagree. My team has already helped dozens of businesses formulate an irresistible Elevator Pitch — and we want to create one for you, too.

All you need is to hop on a 15-minute consultation with one of our expert copywriters here at The Draw Shop. They will help you define the problem you solve, how you solve it, and the life-changing results your customers will see from working with you.

Then we’ll transform your input into a unique Elevator Pitch for your brand — a powerful 30-second statement scientifically designed to stand out, delight, persuade… and convert.

And we’ll top it off with a one-page, one-of-a-king infographic that makes your pitch into an engaging visual story! That’s going to be a valuable marketing asset in its own right — you can use it to…

  • Share it with your team
  • Feature it on your website
  • Use it in your email signature
  • Put it on the back of your business card
  • Spread it on social media

And more!


Visit this page to book your appointment, and create your Elevator Pitch + infographic!