Making a high-converting sales page for your business isn’t easy. Even with a 1% conversion rate being considered fantastic (and anything beyond that is what we in the industry call “insane”) – but let’s face it, it’s a pretty low bar!

If your sales page isn’t converting as well as you’d hoped, it’s usually because your potential customers get cold feet at the worst possible moment. Last-minute objections are a notorious sales-killer.

So if you want to take your conversion rates up a notch, you need to enhance your sales page with some first-class objection-busters. And today, we’ll show you 3 of them – so let’s dive in!

#1. “Frequently Asked Questions” Section

We can practically hear you, “So your first piece of advice is to have an FAQ on my sales page? Duh! Thanks, Captain Obvious!” And yet, there’s more to this than meets the eye…

You see, most business owners don’t put real questions from real people into their FAQs. They insert the kind of questions they wish people would ask, like “Is it true that you’re an industry leader in this space?” and other boring, inauthentic crap like that.

When you do that, it won’t help your sales. Solicit real questions from real people in your target market, create the best possible answers to them, put them up on your sales page – then you’ll see your conversion rates improve.


#2. Social Proof

Have tons of raving testimonials from past customers? Put them up on your sales page. Industry leaders make statements about how awesome your product is? You guessed it – they belong on the sales page, word for word.

Any hard numbers, metrics, and other quantifiable, specific indicators of awesomeness are also fair game. In fact, we recommend to display testimonials as early as possible on the sales page.

This creates a so-called “anchoring bias” in your target customers, so they can’t help thinking more positively about your product or service because they’ve been presented some raving testimonials as their first piece of information about the offer!

Is it sneaky? Perhaps. But is it effective? No doubt!

#3. Live Chat

Live chat is one of the most under-valued but incredible tools for dismantling last-minute objections from customers. It’s like web copy that constantly adapts to what a potential customer is saying. In other words, hard to beat!

Live chat reduces hassle and friction, increases transparency and trust between you and the customer, and otherwise helps break down any resistance to closing the sale. It’s also incredibly cost-effective, and the immediacy of feedback makes it all the more attractive to customers.

Without live chat, your sales page will have a lot more visitors who will stay just that – passive visitors. In terms of sheer ROI, it’s one of the best investments you can make towards boosting your conversion rates.


There you have it: 3 seemingly self-evident, but very effective objection-busters that will increase the conversion rates on any sales page. Implement them, and watch customers line up to grab your product or service – enjoy!