Mobile-Friendly Websites – The Draw ShopWhen looking at your visitor stats, you must have noticed a big chunk of people not engaging too well with your content:

  • they bounce the page quickly (and often), sometime before it loads;
  • they buy dramatically less often, and spend much less money than other visitors;
  • they rarely come back, even if you sell exactly what they’re looking for.

Who are those people… and why do they hate your business so much? They’re mobile users – and they don’t hate you. They’re just frustrated with your mobile-unfriendly website!

And get this: there’s about to be even more of them…

Mobile is on the rise: chances are, even now 30+% of your traffic comes from mobile users. It takes extra effort to make them stick around and buy… but if you do, you’ll quickly close more sales, get more loyal customers, and leave your competition in the dust.

Whiteboard videos are one way to give some love to the mobile crowd. Here are 3 powerful ways you can use them to make your business more mobile-friendly:

Landing pages that sell (with video)

Ever tried to build a high-converting landing page for mobile? Then let’s say it together, “It sucks!” You need to save space… but then you risk not conveying the offer. You need to emphasize the offer… but then your page will swell out of proportion. You can’t win, right?

Wrong! Here’s an easy fix: put up a whiteboard video selling your product or service, or urging visitors to take action, and a call to action right next to it. Boom – your conversion-centric page is ready! This deceptively simple setup will always be more persuasive on mobile than a bunch of text and some nice graphics.

Content that persuades anyone

If you think the Internet is crowded right now… in 10 years, you’ll have to come up with a new definition of “crowded”! Very soon, 3-5 billion new users will go online. For most of them, mobile will be the device of choice. English won’t be their first language, but they will be very used to paying for products and services on their mobile (often, it’s the only payment method they have).

If your business aspires for an international audience, do this: invest in powerful whiteboard videos that transcend language barriers and feel at home on mobile, and your market reach will explode!

Bite-sized, ridiculously useful content

Everyone and their marketing-trained mother loved to knock the ever-decreasing attention span of an average Internet user. It’s hardly true (people aren’t goldfish, after all). But here’s an undeniable truth: watching a long video on mobile is annoying and eats up a ton of traffic.

Remember that small is beautiful, and give your mobile users the content that’s both useful and short. Don’t make them leave because your videos are too long – a 3-minute animated whiteboard video can be just as value-packed as a 15-minute explainer.

In just a few years, we’ll have a very different online experience – video content, along with mobile browsing, will be the new normal. If you want to keep up, and outpace your competition by being the most savvy business owner around, it’s time to prepare. With these 3 strategies, you can start today.