Three waysThe whiteboard video has amazing versatility. Whether they’re being used to educate people on the value of selling, or as the intro to Weeds season 8, this neat little tool has virtually unlimited uses.

Let’s talk about a few that most of your competitors probably haven’t thought of yet.

1. White papers

White papers are a great marketing tool, but walking the line between “marketing pitch” and well-researched paper isn’t easy. Adding a whiteboard video that supports your point of view makes your arguments more powerful and convincing, and helps ensure that the “skimmers” (who represent 80% of online “readers”) get full value out of what you’ve written.

2. Employee training

Whiteboard videos are great for learning and engagement, two key results you’re looking for when training employees. Rather than bombarding them with boring facts, whiteboard videos give your employees a way to interact with the training, so they’ll both enjoy and remember what they’ve been taught (and tell their friends how awesome it is to work for YOU).

3. Press releases

Press releases are a great way to spread the word about a new business, product or service…but in today’s crowded PR environment they can usually use some extra sparks to get the fire going. Whiteboard videos are a great way to help your press release stand out, so it can get the attention, shares, and virality it deserves.