Share VideoWhen it comes to social media, it’s nice to have people liking your Facebook posts and favoriting your Tweets.

But getting people to share your stuff is the best way to measure progress.

Sharing is proof that you’re making an impact, because it shows you that people feel a strong connection to your content, to the point where they feel comfortable sending it out to their friends, colleagues, etc.

In today’s content polluted world, that’s a pretty bold endorsement to receive. And it should be your goal with every piece of content you share. Here are 4 ways to make it happen…

1) Be selective. There’s no such thing as a “neutral” post; people either appreciate it, or they’d rather not see it. If something doesn’t relate specifically to your customer’s journey in a helpful way, then it’s probably best to skip it.

2) Share mostly video. There’s a reason why the words viral and video go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Blog posts and white papers can go viral, but it’s exceedingly rare. Remember the first commandment of virality — “Thou shalt share mostly video” — and you’ll be fine.

3) Ask and ye shall receive. If you want people to spread your video (or other content around), just ask them to do it! For example, on Twitter it’s been found that adding the words “Please retweet” will increase the number of people who do. Shocking, isn’t it?! Just be sure not to overuse this tactic…save it for your absolute best stuff.

4) Dilute those sales pitches. If you’re constantly hammering your followers to buy something, rather than sharing useful and engaging content, then they’ll eventually start to tune you out. To keep people interested and most likely to share your posts, a good rule of thumb is to try and send out 4 helpful pieces of content for every sales pitch.