Animation and explainer videos go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Only instead of tasting delicious, this classic pairing does something that’s even better – it grows your business!

But what exactly makes them so awesome? That’s what we’ll talk about it today’s article.

Read on, and you’ll discover 5 benefits of animated explainer videos that will help you get your message noticed, fail-proof your sales funnels, attract more customers, and accelerate your business growth.

Let’s begin with the greatest advantage of animated explainer videos…

1. They got brain hooks, a.k.a. memorability

Advertising doesn’t work as well as it used to – especially with younger demographics.

And one of the reasons is, there’s too much of it. An average consumer gets bombarded by over 4000 marketing messages a day. That is, to put it politely, a buttload.

When your message is just one among thousands, it’s next to impossible to stand out – not even with shocking content, big discounts, or sky-high production values. Being memorable is a huge challenge…

…one that animated explainer videos can help you solve!

By their nature, animated visuals draw closer attention to themselves (pun totally intended). When you see something unusual, your brain has to make an effort to understand what it’s actually looking at. It’s not a fully conscious effort – but enough that it makes you focus on what you’re observing.

Combine that with the vivid and expressive scenes that only animation can create, an engaging voiceover, and a cool narrative – and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a memorable video that will remain stuck in your customer’s head for weeks!

2. They sell without being salesy

Of all the animated explainer video benefits, this might be the second-best one (that’s why it’s Number Two – get it?). If anything, it’s definitely the most underrated!

What do you think is the goal of an explainer video? That’s right – to explain! To educate the viewer, to help them, and maybe entertain them along the way. Selling isn’t even in the top 3 objectives an explainer video is trying to accomplish… which is exactly what makes it such a great sales tool!

Let us explain (there’s that word again).

By shifting the focus from selling to educating, helping, and entertaining, your animated explainer videos achieve two things:

  1. They put people at ease and allow them to understand what your product or service does – without being worried that you’ll hit them with a sales pitch
  2. They make you “get out of your own way.” When your #1 goal is helping the prospect instead of selling to them, you stand a much better chance to land them as a customer

That’s right: the format of animated explainer videos helps you sell more… by taking the focus off selling! It’s a paradox, but it works – as proven again and again by our clients.

Want to create high-converting animated explainer videos – consistently? You’re in luck! We have developed a neat checklist you can use to fail-proof all your marketing videos before you release them to the world. Click the link right below to grab it:

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3. They break down complicated topics – and make you care

Machine Learning. Nanotechnology. Taxes (oof). There’s no topic so impenetrable that you couldn’t tackle it with animated explainer videos.

And quite often, it’s the only way to go about it! Making someone really “get” the basic idea behind, say, blockchain technology might take a feature article or an entire book. But make it into an explainer video – and suddenly, you can catch that person up in minutes! When it comes to taking apart incredibly complex subjects and conveying it in terms anyone can understand, nothing works quite as well.

As a bonus, if your subject matter is too technical or complicated for the uninitiated to handle, there’s another way that your explainer video benefits from the animated treatment…

Animation brings interest and emotion to your subject matter.

When you’re talking about macroeconomic trends or genetics, for example, it can be tough to hold the viewer’s attention and make them care. But with animation, you can use wild visuals, engaging characters, and cool effects. You can also express emotions that might be absent in the information you’re providing.

All these things create an emotional connection and help your viewers understand not just what you’re trying to tell them, but also why they should care.

And that, right there, is the bedrock of successful marketing.

4. They’re worth a million words (literally)

The human brain is hardwired to receive visual information. Not only do we looove to gawk at stuff – we’re pretty good at it, too!

Our brain processes visual input approximately 60,000 times faster than text. This used to be essential to our survival as a species. After all, if your Neanderthal butt can’t spot an attacking predator in time, it’s goodbye and lights out!

We’re much safer now – but the legacy of this evolutionary quirk is that visual information is much easier for us to absorb, process, and act on. That’s why, when you need to impart to someone as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time, video is a great choice. If brings you up to speed on any topic faster than reading, or listening, or looking at pictures by itself.

And the most important part is, your customers prefer it. After all, if you had to pick between reading thousands of words on a subject and watching a short video, what would you do?


5. They can fit anywhere in your sales funnel

You might be thinking, “Where should I use an animated explainer video? To generate leads, onboard new customers – or just sell?”

The right answer is: all of the above and more! Animated explainer videos have tons of uses. So whether you put them at the top of your funnel for potential leads to see, or at the very bottom for your current customers to enjoy, you’ll get results.

But even though it’s correct, this answer isn’t very helpful. To discover how exactly you want to use your animated explainer videos, you should take a long, hard look at your marketing funnel and ask yourself:

Where are the weak points?

Maybe you’re not getting enough traffic, so your lead generation is too slow for comfort. Or perhaps your conversion rates aren’t great, and you need more sales. Or maybe your customers lifetime value is too low! Be strategic, and think about how an explainer video benefits your business at various points in your customer journey.

And then act accordingly.

Harness explainer video benefits for your business – here’s how

Animated explainer videos are memorable, persuasive, and versatile – if you’re looking for an unfair marketing advantage to explode your revenue growth, they could be the answer!

When done right, that is.

Over the years, we’ve created hundreds of high-converting animated explainer videos for brands across dozens of industries. Education, biotech, manufacturing, finance, coaching, real estate, petroleum, pest control – you name it, we’ve done it!

And our results speak for themselves.

We invite you to take advantage of our genius marketers, silver-tongued copywriters, and absurdly talented animators to create an explainer video you’d be proud of.

We used to do only whiteboard and cartoon animation – not anymore! Now you can work with us to create awesome marketing videos in a variety of styles:

  • Motion graphics and cartoon animations
  • Virtual Reality Animation
  • Digital stop motion animation
  • 2D character animation

And more.

Interested? Then click here to schedule a free, no-strings-attached pow wow to talk about your animated explainer video – or enter your details below, and we’ll reach out to you post-haste!