We talk about conversions a lot on this blog. And there’s a good reason for it – boosting conversion rates is the easiest, fastest way for your business to make more money.

And we’re talking about more than sales conversions, which happen when someone buys from you directly. No, we mean every action a prospect takes to deepen their relationship with your company.

Take email opt-ins, for example – each new email subscriber could result in thousands of dollars in revenue down the line! And most of these valuable signups come from warm traffic.

Put simply, ‘warm’ visitors are the ones who have heard about your business before. They read some of your content, interacted with the brand before, or their friend recommended your company. There are countless ways people can happen upon your website.

Most of them won’t stick around, however. And warm traffic is too valuable to waste like this!

So today, we are going to look at 5 incredibly simple and quick tricks that will maximize your conversions from warm traffic.

Let’s get to it!

5 Tricks to Boost Conversion


1. Customized landing pages

When you can control where exactly on your website a visitor will end up, it gives you a lot more control over their experience. And if you know where they came from, you can customize your landing pages to boost opt-in rates significantly.

Personalization is powerful. Let’s say you ran a guest post on a website, or a partner promotion – why not use one dead simple trick to add a personal touch?

Just put “Hello, [site name] users!” (or “people”) in your headline. That’s it!

Let’s say you wrote an article for an online trade publication (like “Retailing Today”), and were permitted only one link back to your website. You would significantly improve your chances of a successful conversion if the landing page those visitors ended up on said, “Greetings, ‘Retailing Today’ readers!”


Be warned that this doesn’t work for every platform. It needs to be an audience that would easily identify with the website or community they came from. For example, “hello Reddit users” will work nicely, whereas “hello Facebook users” will sound just plain weird (that’s 1.5+ billion people!).

2. Targeted discounts or freebies

When your landing page starts feeling personal and super-relevant, you can do something else to make sure your visitors seriously consider your offer, be it free or paid.

In a nutshell, what you need to do is let them know it’s just for them – and nobody else.

Staying with our previous example of a guest publication in a trade magazine, you could incentivize people to come to your website and convert by offering a content upgrade based on the topic of your article.

A checklist, a cheat sheet, or anything else they can use to solve a problem will work nicely here.

Another way to apply this trick is to create a special link or a discount coupon for that specific audience. For example, tech startups often run special promotions for Product Hunt users (because that’s where most of their target audience hangs out).


A targeted discount is most powerful when it’s driven by genuine scarcity. If an offer is available for 48 hours only, it’s much more effective – when there is no expiration date on a deal, there is no reason to care!

3. Multiple lead capture forms

It’s amazing (and perplexing) how many business owners make visitors play “Where’s Waldo?” with their opt-in forms. A single signup box won’t convert all your traffic, especially if it’s tucked away somewhere people can barely see it.

Increasing and diversifying your arsenal of opt-in forms is the single easiest and most effective way to collect more emails from visitors. Here are just a few ideas

Top-of-homepage opt-in

– this one is impossible to miss. Check out this example on Michael Hyatt’s website to see what we mean.

End-of-page opt-in

– put these at the end of blog posts, or website pages like “About Us”.

Right or left sidebar

– this is where you see the majority of opt-in forms on websites. It gets the job done, but it’s definitely not the highest-converting place to put them.

Pop-ups and overlays

– we’ve talked about these before. Everybody claims to hate them, but pop-ups are tremendously powerful at capturing leads, especially from warm traffic.


If you want to put an email signup form in your sidebar, try to make it work on the left-hand side. This is a little-known and counter-intuitive tip: English speakers read from left to right, so it has a much greater chance to get noticed!

4. Retargeting

Let’s face it – despite your best efforts, most of that treasured warm traffic won’t convert on first visit. Question is, what can you do about it? Maybe there’s a way to bring them back.

There is! It’s called retargeting. Retargeting takes advantage of the “mere-exposure effect” – it states that people tend to like things just on the basis of having seen them before. If you’re a business owner, the mere-exposure effect is your best friend!

Retargeting ads help you take advantage of this. When visitors come to your website for the first time and leave, they leave with a special ‘cookie’ file in their browser. It lets other sites identify them as your visitors and serve them relevant ads.

On a relatively small budget, this can help you bring back some of those warm visitors and get them to convert! What’s not to love?

5. One-click opt-ins

When it comes to email opt-ins, do you know what’s the biggest obstacle you have to contend with as a business owner?

It’s not bad design, or bad opt-in copy. It’s not even lack of a compelling lead magnet. Ultimately, it all comes down to human laziness.

You’d think that entering their name and email and clicking the button would be in the top 5 easiest tasks imaginable – yet most website visitors still don’t do it. Go figure!

With cold traffic, you can do almost nothing about it. With warm traffic, however, you have some tools at your disposal to speed up the conversion process.

And it doesn’t get much faster than instantaneous!

This is where one-click opt-ins come in. They exist in many forms. At some point, you must have encountered one or more of these:

  • Twitter Lead Generation Cards that allow people sign up instantly from their Twitter feed.
  • Using ‘cookies’ from social media like Facebook to prepopulate opt-in forms (LeadPages can do that).
  • One-click opt-ins that integrate with third party email software (ClickFunnels has them) – very useful for running partner promotions, where you can get people signed up just by having them click a link.


To use this tactic ethically and responsibly, always explain to people that they’re about to opt-in with one click. Not only is it the right thing to do, it saves you countless hours of complaining!

There you have it – five incredibly easy-to-implement tricks to boost your website conversions! Even one of them could result in thousands of new email subscribers. Used in combination, they will skyrocket the growth of your email list, and ultimately, your bottom line. Enjoy!

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