Here’s a quick riddle for you… Which 2 things do most companies treat as separate… even though they really shouldn’t?

The answer is:

  • Customer service
  • Sales and Marketing

Think about it: marketing is 100% about the relationships you have with your customers. And the quality of those relationships is measured by your positive – or negative – interaction with customers (as explained in this interview with the amazing Connor Blakley).

If your customers have excellent interactions with your brand when you market to them, but their customer support experience is less-than-stellar… then your masterful marketing efforts will go to waste!

So – customer service is important. Big deal! You’ve heard that before – from us, at the very least. But what can you do to improve your customer service… preferably fast?

Short version? Use video!

Long version? Read this post, where we will explore 5 types of video content you can use to make your customers feel valued – so they stick with you for a long time, preferably for life!


1. Welcome video

Greeting every new customer with a welcome video is a powerful engagement tactic. Who doesn’t like to be welcomed with open arms, in a useful and entertaining video?

But there’s something else you can do to kick things up a notch, and make your welcome videos even more powerful…

Create a customized welcome for each and every person who becomes your paying customer.

Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? It takes time and effort, it doesn’t scale very well… But that’s exactly why this tactics will knock your customers’ proverbial socks off!

To understand why, put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a second.

They’ve just bought something from a company run by people they don’t know. Even if they’ve interacted with your staff and your brand in the past, you’re a stranger to them, and so is your company.

They are worried – did they make the right decision? Are you legit? Will they get their money back if they are unhappy? Will you even treat them like a valued customer, instead of like a line item?

And then they get a welcome video from one of your support staff. Not a standard corporate fluff piece, but a personalized piece of content. A video that addresses them by name, greets them warmly, and invites to get in touch with any questions or concerns.

Think about the effect this will have on them. Buyer’s remorse – gone! Engagement and satisfaction – through the roof! Confidence in your brand – unshakeable!

Tip: even though we’ve just said that bespoke welcome videos don’t scale very well, they can be created very quickly. A 1-minute welcome video recorded on the spot is much more impactful than a beautiful, high-budget, but ultimately generic piece!

2. Thank you video

You can use thank you videos for two things:

  • Build rapport with new customers early on, by acknowledging and being grateful for their decision to choose your product and service, as opposed to your competitors’.
  • Celebrate important milestones (like hitting 1,000 customers) and convey to your existing customers, old and new, that they were right to stick with you.

Thanking your customers is yet another thing that makes them feel valued and cared for – everybody wants to be treated like a human being, not a line item on a balance sheet!

Expressing gratitude is an easy, authentic way to show that you care. Big brands do it all the time by releasing videos that celebrate their customer base – and if you’re not a big brand, it’s all the more important to do so!

Your thank you video doesn’t have to look like a Hollywood blockbuster, either. Something as simple as a message from the CEO, or a group video where the entire team shouts “Thank you!”, or even a slideshow, will create the necessary effect.

Tip: as with welcome videos, you can use the same customized approach to say thanks to your customers. It’s another tactic that doesn’t scale very well, but leaves a lasting impression!

3. Unsubscribe video

Your email list is the lifeblood of your business. So when people unsubscribe, especially if they are your existing customers, it stings!

While it doesn’t feel good to have someone abandon your email list, it’s inevitable and, in a way, beneficial to your business in the long term – after all, you only want the really engaged people to stick around.

That said, you can take steps to reduce your unsubscribe rate. One of the easiest ways to do that is by engaging your unsubscribes at one critical moment…

…just as they are about to leave.

Record an unsubscribe video that would entertain your customers enough so they consider staying – like this brilliant example from Groupon.

All you need to do is say just enough to make them doubt their decision, and people’s natural tendency for loss aversion will do the rest! To make it even more effective, you should add a one-click “re-subscribe” link to the bottom of the video.

Tip: you can create a similar type of video to engage with people who want a refund. While you don’t want to persuade them to change their mind in the video itself (that would backfire), you can use it to get people on the phone with your support staff, and hopefully resolve a problem in a way that would make your customer happy… but wouldn’t involve a refund.

4. Onboarding videos

When you sell an involved, complicated product or service, keeping new customers engaged and interested is a challenge.

This is where a good onboarding process can make all the difference between a frustrated buyer who asks for a refund 3 days in…

…and a satisfied customer who buys from you again and again, for years.

Put simply, onboarding is the process of making new customers feel comfortable using your product or service, so they can get the best possible results from it. Great results lead to high satisfaction – and high satisfaction means higher lifetime value of each customer!

If you can create onboarding videos to help new buyers use your product or service more effectively, you’ll be doing a great service to them and to your cash flow.

Onboarding videos can take many forms:

  • Tutorials on how certain features of your product or service work.
  • Mini-courses that teach people how to solve a problem or achieve an outcome using what they’ve bought from you.
  • Small demos that show off your product in action, or illustrate the process of working with you.

Tip: Onboarding videos can be equally effective with non-customers: your employees, your business partners and affiliates, other stakeholders interested in your product or service… you name it!

5. Interactive videos

“Interactive video” isn’t a standalone type of content the way a welcome video, or an onboarding video, is. Rather, it’s a powerful way to enhance any kind of videos you produce – a “force multiplier” of sorts.

When you take any video, and make it interactive, you are accomplishing several important things:

  1. You are getting three times more engagement (according to this source).
  2. By boosting engagement, you make the experience much more memorable.
  3. You give the customer more control over their experience (which is what they want).

Like a good choose-your-own-adventure book, interactive video can be irresistible to your customers when done right. Here are just a few examples of the types of video content that would benefit from interactivity:

  • Quizzes, surveys, and other videos for customer development – imagine how much more exciting a survey could be as an interactive video!
  • Tutorial videos – teaching something is far more effective when you can provide feedback as you go, and let the customer apply what you’re teaching them, right then and there.
  • Teaser or trailer videos – imagine if you could create personalized marketing content for your customers based on what you know about them. Or imagine how much more interested they would be in your trailers and teasers if they could rotate the camera, jump around to different parts of the clip, or interact with the objects in the frame!

Tip: right now, as you’re reading this, it probably sounds like something way over your budget. But the truth is, interactive videos are becoming easier to produce, so you might want to launch one sooner rather than later!

Delighting your customers isn’t rocket science. It’s all about maximizing positive, meaningful interactions, and adding value to your relationship with them. With video, you can do it far more effectively.

Using the 5 tips we’ve shown you in today’s post, you will be able to grow your business in peace, knowing that all your customers feel valued and reassured about their buying decision – especially the new ones!