Here’s the #1 myth about video marketing: it’s very hard. So hard that only big companies with dedicated marketing teams and budgets should do it.

We disagree entirely.

Video marketing isn’t any harder than any other kind. And if you’re just getting started, you don’t need a big team or an inexhaustible budget to benefit from it.

All you need is a solid understanding of what your customers want to watch, and a few marketing video ideas to get you started.

Now, we can’t help you with the first part. You’ll have to figure that one out yourself.

But we can give you some simple and effective marketing video ideas that you can include in your campaigns, starting today (if you want to start today, that is – there’s no rush)!

In today’s article, we’ll give you five solid marketing video ideas, along with some real-life examples we love. Sound good? Then read on!

1. Welcome and thank you videos

The two most authentic human interactions you can have with your customers are saying hello and saying thank you.

But who need that when you can implement all these other, fancier marketing video ideas, right?

Well, here’s why you might want to do this anyway…

As simple as they are, these little gestures can create a relationship where there wasn’t one before. But most brands either neglect them completely, or perform them in a way that feels generic and impersonal.

Creating a welcome video or a thank you video is a powerful way to establish trust and affirm the customer’s decision to do business with you. You can use these to:

  • Thank someone for their purchase, or completing a survey, or anything else.
  • Onboarding new customers in a way that makes them feel appreciated.
  • Welcoming potential customers who might be wary of being sold to.

And more.

These videos don’t even have to be personalized – although it helps! Just the fact that you took the time and effort to go beyond a cookie-cutter welcome/thank you email will speak volumes.

Let’s take a look at a real example – one that captures the heartwarming, relationship-building effect of this strategy perfectly…

Here’s an example we love:

Take a look at this thank you video from Warby Parker. What do you notice?

It’s extremely short, it addresses the customer by name, and it feels like a genuine expression of gratitude. Do you think the customer cares that the video is under 20 seconds – or that it’s been made by a junior employee? No! It’s the thought that counts.

This is a wonderful example of how to do “things that don’t scale” in customer service, but still make it affordable and quick.

2. Tutorial videos

As we’ve just seen in #1, not all marketing video ideas have to be about selling something to people. You want the majority of your customer interactions to emphasize building trust and education.

So now is a good time to ask yourself: is there anything useful you can teach your customers through video?

It could be:

  1. Showing them how to use your product in an awesome way, or
  2. Teaching them how to do something related to your product.

For example, let’s say that you sell specific exercise equipment, like barbells or kettlebells. Then a great marketing video idea would be to teach them a highly technical move like a barbell squat or a Turkish get-up – conveniently showing off your exercise equipment in the process.

Or maybe you sell something less tangible, like project management software. Then why not show your customers a cool and unusual way to use your software for, say, planning a wedding?

A tutorial video should be useful, or look awesome. Ideally, you want to aim for both! To show you exactly what we’re talking about, here’s a real example from a pretty niche brand…

Here’s an example we love:

This tutorial from Workflowy illustrates our point perfectly. Workflowy make the kind of minimalist productivity software that helps people to reach their goals… without overwhelming them with tons of extra features.

This video offers detailed instructions on how to implement the “next actions” concept from David Allen’s GTD system. It’s one of the most popular productivity methodologies in the world, and it makes perfect sense that Workflowy would tie it into a tutorial about their software.

Also, note that the narrator talks about a particular activity he wants to do with his daughter. As with the wedding planning example above, it helps to establish an emotional connection and make the video more engaging.

3. Expert interview and Q&A videos

Featuring experts in your content is an excellent authority-building strategy. But it also works wonders for engaging your customer base. After all, who doesn’t want to pick the brain of a renowned expert and walk away with game-changing insights?

To implement this idea, you want to follow these simple steps:

  1. Come up with a list of experts and influencers you would like to interview.
  2. Then, methodically go over it and cross out anyone you don’t have access to, or anyone your customers aren’t interested in.
  3. Pick one of the remaining names on the list and reach out to them. Just be careful not to make any of these mistakes.

Once the expert says yes, you can interview them yourself, or have someone else at the company do it. Another alternative to a regular interview is a Q&A session. Gather some questions from your customers, subscribers, and social media followers beforehand, and ask your invited expert to address them in the video.

This strategy sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t. It does take a fair amount of effort to book an interview, record it, and edit it. That said, you will end up with a super-engaging piece of video content for your customers – and that’s the whole point!

Here’s what it might look like if you decided to implement it…

Here’s an example we love:

We love this video of Marie Forleo interviewing Brené Brown.

Brené is an expert on vulnerability and communication, and Marie’s audience is almost entirely entrepreneurs – aspiring and current.

If you own a business, you know that staying courageous and vulnerable is a constant uphill battle. Marie Forleo knows what her customer base wants, so she invited a renowned expert with a highly relevant skill set!

Note that you don’t need to know world-famous authorities to use this strategy. You don’t even need to fly them into a studio. You can find someone who knows their stuff but doesn’t have global name recognition, get them on a video call, and record it. Easy!


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4. Case study videos

On this blog, we’ve talked about the importance of case studies a lot. Hey, it’s not our fault they are so critical to your business success!

Case studies provide ironclad proof that your product or service can deliver on its promises. Plus, they are engaging, inspiring, and incredibly shareable. If you’re strapped on marketing video ideas and you have less than 3 case studies, now is time to remedy that.

Case studies are predominantly written – but they will work even better in video form. Similar to idea #3, you don’t have to fly anybody in and get all fancy if you don’t want to. A recorded video call will do the job just fine – as long as both of you are properly caffeinated, that is!

Think of your case study video as an interview with the customer. They are the star of the show, and their journey is the primary focus. Your product or service were just the means of getting them from point A to point B.

If you’re not sure what to cover in your case study video, follow the joke formula Kevin Rogers taught us:

  • Start the story with who they are…
  • Move on to the #1 problem they had…
  • Describe the struggle to solve the problem…
  • Finally, finish with the result.

Along the way, explore how your product or service tied into the whole thing. And there’s your case study video! Now, let’s show you a real example just to demonstrate…

Here’s an example we love:

This GrowthLab case study of a 6-figure online business combined text, visuals, and video in a very powerful way.

Notice how the video itself is relatively short, and most of the detailed information is relegated to text. That’s by design. Video is excellent at conveying emotion, so that’s what the GrowthLab team is using it for. And for people who prefer to get into the nitty-gritty, there are a ton of useful details in the article itself.

Note that you don’t have to do a long case study to benefit from the effect that such a video might have. You can simply ask your customers to record a video testimonial for you and use that instead.

In fact, that’s how we choose to do it here at The Draw Shop! Our testimonials work not despite their low production values, but because of them. There’s a sense of realness and authenticity that more polished case studies might lack.

5. User-generated videos

OK, hear us out:

What if… your customers did all the work and produced your marketing video for you?

And what if you didn’t have to pay them?

User-generated content is a relatively new marketing trend, and its popularity is exploding. And no wonder! People enjoy seeing and engaging with stuff made by other people, not brands. That’s why they are twice as likely to share user-generated content compared to any other kind!

From hotel brands, to retailers, to cheese manufacturers, to alcohol distillers – companies in dozens of industries have had success with user-generated content. You can do the same!

Here are a few video marketing ideas that could inspire your customers to create their own content and share it with you:

  • Ask people to record themselves using your product in a cool way. Most submissions you’ll get will be terrible, but there are bound to be a few you can use in your marketing campaigns!
  • Run a contest or a giveaway around your product. Invite people to send their photos or art that’s connected to what you sell, and incorporate it into a marketing video.
  • Issue a challenge to your customers to do something brave, awesome, or unusual, and record a video about it. It doesn’t even need to feature your product – it just has to align with your message and values, and look cool!

Here’s an example we love:

You’re probably thinking: “My brand isn’t exciting enough to get people to do this!”

And you know what? You might be right! But here’s why it doesn’t matter…

Take a look at this video by Nextel. They are a Brazilian telecom company. Now, whatever industry you’re in, your brand couldn’t possibly be less exciting than a telecom provider!

Nextel knew they couldn’t get people to care about what they do. So instead they came up with a campaign called “#1minuteofcourage” and invited people to do something brave. To change something about their lives they didn’t like. To try something new and daring for the first time. You get the idea.

As a result, their campaign got 7 million views on YouTube, and people all around the world learned about their company. Not bad for a “boring” telecom brand!

Marketing video ideas will only get you so far…

We hope you enjoyed today’s article, and you’ll try at least one of these marketing video ideas in your upcoming campaigns!

That said, if you want your video content to convert well, an exciting idea won’t be enough – at least not by itself. There are no less than 10 other elements you want to include in your marketing video to make sure it converts.

So that’s why we put together a free checklist that you can use to fail-proof your video marketing campaigns before they go live. You can grab it for free right here:

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