Explainer videos are all the rage these days.

According to a recent study by the Social Media Examiner, 76% of marketers plan to add video to their websites for the purposes of helping people become more familiar with their brand and an instruct potential customers on which product could best fit their needs.

But you don’t want to create an explainer video just so you have something to add to your site.  Your marketing video should have a clear purpose and outcome to help others learn about what your business is all about.  Otherwise, you are wasting valuable website real estate on your website.

To make sure your video does a fantastic job of supporting your business goals, here are 5 questions you should ask before you invest in an explainer video:
make an explainer video

1. What Do You Want It to Accomplish?

Ah yes, the million-dollar question.

What do you hope to accomplish with your explainer video?  Do you want to introduce your brand to people in a way that makes them love you?  Do you want to demonstrate how a new product works so your audience learns more about your process?  Do you want to get them to download a free report or sign up for your mailing list?

Once you pinpoint exactly what you want your marketing or explainer video to do, you’ll be able to ensure that every aspect of the video works toward helping you achieve that goal.

2. Who’s Your Audience?

The best way of getting your messages across to the right people is to make sure your explainer video does an excellent job of speaking directly to your target audience.  But you have to know:

Who are they?  What kind of content do they like? What do they like to learn about? What interests them and motivates them to take action?

When you have a clear picture of exactly whom you want to reach with your message, you’ll do a better job of creating an explainer video that captures their interests and encourages them to engage with your brand.

3. What’s Your Core Message?

Now that you know to whom you’re talking, you’ll need to figure out exactly what you want to say to them.

What is the takeaway message you want them to learn about and receive?  What is the one thing you’d like them to tell their friends after watching your explainer video?

Cut to the chase.  Keep it short, sweet and concise.  The clearer your message, the more memorable it will be.

4. What Action Do You Want Viewers to Take?

It’s not enough for people just to watch your explainer videos.  They should be compelled to take some sort of action to strengthen their relationship with you after learning more about your brand.  What do you want that action to be?  (Hint:  It should support the answer to question number 1.)

For example, if you choose to create a product explainer video – the purpose being to create visibility about your product – your call-to-action should be for people to learn more about that product. When they click on the link you provide at the conclusion of your video, they’re taken to a sales page for that product they just learned about..

If, on the other hand, your goal is to increase client bookings, then your call-to-action might be for people to book their appointment.  You prompt them to either call a phone number, email you, or fill out the contact form on your website.

5. How Will You Measure Success?

You know what you want your video to accomplish.  You know your audience and what you want to say to them.  And, you know what you want them to do once they’ve finished watching.

Now, how do you know if your video achieves all those goals?

Simple:  define what type of activity from  your marketing video you want to measure and set up a system to track it.  Evaluate your results.  BAM!

For example, if your goal is to send people to your website to buy something, use Google Analytics (or some other analytics program) to track how many visitors the video sends to your site and what percentage of those visitors make a purchase.

If you want the video to encourage people to call or email you to make an appointment, set up a tracking system that allows you figure out how many calls and emails the video generates.  This could be as simple as asking every lead how they found out about you and recording the results in a spreadsheet.

By tracking and analyzing the results you get, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t with your customer base.  This will help you build on your experience and create even better explainer videos in the future.

Five simple, yet critically important questions to ask yourself and your business team before you make your explainer video.  Having a clear vision of these answers will help each of the following steps in the process and also make said process go smooth as butter.

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We want to leave you with this little ditty, a reminder that a little preparation can go a long way.