People often ask us, “I’m in real estate. Will explainer videos work for me?”

It’s understandable: when you do business in such a hyper-competitive industry, you want your marketing to be as effective as possible.

Well, ten times out of ten, the answer to that question is yes – if your real estate explainer videos are up to snuff. Luckily, once you read today’s article, they will be!

This week, we’ll give you five actionable insights for creating a high-converting real estate explainer video. We hope you find them useful and apply them to your marketing!

Our first tip is to hit your potential clients where it hurts…

(Don’t worry – not literally!)

1. Hit the pain points HARD

All the great explainer videos start with a problem. The bigger the problem, the better – people tend to pay more money for “painkillers” (products and services that serve a dire, urgent need), as opposed to “vitamins” (things that are simply nice to have).

Real estate scores high on the “totem pole” of problems for most people. They buy it, sell it, rent it. Families feud over it, lives are built around it, ridiculous debts accrue because of wanting to own it… Well, you don’t need us to tell you that!

If you can zero in on the pain your clients are feeling, and articulate it in their language, you will put yourself in the perfect position to introduce the solution – your real estate business!

For example, this real estate explainer video takes one pain point – huge real estate commissions – and runs with it.

After establishing the problem, the video shows the viewers how they can avoid handing 6-7% of their home price to a real estate agent… without sacrificing the quality of service!

2. USP is everything

It feels like we talk about unique selling propositions in every article these days.

Wait… do we? We’re not sure we want to find out!

Anyway, the reason we mention USP so often is that it’s just that important – especially in a hyper-competitive industry like real estate. Differentiation is everything, and if you communicate the same bland message as your competition, your potential clients will lump you together with them.

So, if you want to make a powerful real estate explainer video, lead with your “only” factor. In fact, build your entire video around it!

For example, here’s a short whiteboard video that does exactly that. This clip makes one thing very clear: this real estate business isn’t hungry for a quick buck, because they get new clients by referral only.

Every realty can say, “You can trust us!” – but this real estate explainer video provides tangible proof why you can trust them. Their business literally depends on it!


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3. Use the “dirt and clouds” approach to benefits

You’ve studied your marketing fundamentals. You know how important it is to discuss benefits instead of features – not just what your clients get, but why they can’t live without it.

But here’s something you might not realize.

Benefits weren’t all created equal. With every offer, there are low-level, immediate benefits like:

  • A better price…
  • A more pleasant, professional service…
  • Getting the house sold faster…

We like to call these the “dirt” benefits. Not because they’re bad somehow, but because they’re simple and down-to-earth.

And then there are high-level benefits that stay relevant for the long haul, like:

  • Massive savings that increase over the years…
  • Raising kids in the house of your dreams…
  • Selling the property down the line for more money…

We call these the “cloud” benefits. They’re lofty and aspirational, but your clients won’t experience them right away.

To succeed, your real estate explainer video needs to combine both types of benefits into a single narrative. Don’t just tell clients what they will get right now, but also explain how it will pay off down the road. Connect the dots for them, and the value of your services will be self-evident!

4. Stab objections in the heart

All big life decisions come with second thoughts, doubts, jitters – and wishing your life came with a manual and a rewind button! This is especially true for dealing with real estate.

In short: if your clients don’t get cold feet at some point in the process, they don’t know what they’re getting into!

Your real estate explainer videos need to anticipate and counter any doubts your potential clients might have about working with you. Think of all the objections you’ve heard before:

  • “Why should I hand over thousands of dollars’ worth in commissions?”
  • “How long will it take to buy/sell/rent the property?”
  • “Is your company any good?”
  • “Do you actually care about what I need, or are you just chasing commissions?”
  • “Why should I choose you? I could do it myself – or ask my uncle, he’s a realtor!”

And so on. Concerns like these are normal and healthy, especially for a gigantic purchase like real estate! As long as you address them in your video, you’ll help your clients get off the fence – and into a mutually beneficial relationship with you!

Here’s a great example back from Tip #1. You might remember how that real estate explainer video talks about smaller commissions.

The natural objection that comes to mind is, “Are those realtors worse than the ones who charge a higher commission?” And the video doesn’t shy away from this objection – it tackles it head-on! That’s exactly what you want to do with your video content, too.

5. Use scarcity and urgency at the end

We’ll confess – in this final tip, we wanted to talk about the call to action.

But the truth is, you probably already know the drill. Your call to action should be specific and simple, yada-yada, pitch a free consultation and give them your phone number or website URL… boring! Effective, to be sure – but boring.

Plus, chances are, your competitors are already doing it.

So instead let’s try something different for your real estate explainer videos. Try incentivizing potential clients some more! To do that, you need to use time-sensitive and demand-based offers – urgency and scarcity.

For example, you could promise clients a free expert evaluation of their property – but only to the first hundred people who contact you.

Or you might offer a reduced commission to those people who call you before a certain date.

Or you could say that you have a massive house showing tour planned in a month, and you have room for 20 more applications from homeowners.

The trick with this is, you want to use real scarcity and real urgency – otherwise people will catch on and lose trust in you. Nothing screams “scam” like saying you’ll end the offer by a certain date and going back on your word!

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