5 Spooky “Monsters” that Stalk Your Marketing Videos — and How to Slay Them

Trick or treat! 

We hope you’re enjoying all the good things Halloween has to offer: (not so) responsible amounts of candy, costumes that fit nicely and don’t itch, wickedly creative jack-o-lanterns… and wall-to-wall decorations, of course! 

Or, y’know, at least one of these. 

Today of all days, we get to do two of our favorite things at once: a) give you valuable marketing advice, and b) talk about goofy monsters!

Also c) make dorky jokes — but that’s a given.

For this article, we thought about the many ways a marketing video might go wrong and fail to convert. Then, we asked the only question that made sense…

What if a monster did it?

And then we wrote it down, along with some advice on how to slay the “monster” and make sure your videos always perform and convert at their best!

We hope you have fun reading this — we sure had a blast writing it!

Now, let’s see who our first monster is…

Pictured: The Draw Shop mascot, ROIVid, in bed, surrounded by 5 monsters: a vampire, a zombie, a werewolf, and a mummy

1. Engagement vampires

Unlike regular vampires, these fanged, freaky fiends don’t suck blood — instead, they drain your viewers’ attention. The engagement vampires will do anything to distract them from your marketing video and its message. And when they sense even the smallest weakness, they swarm to your video in droves!

Here are some common mistakes in your marketing videos that might attract these attention-suckers:

  • A weak introduction that fails to grab your viewers’ attention
  • Unintuitive and confusing design of your landing page
  • Unmemorable visuals or stiff narration
  • Lack of emotional and narrative “hooks”

The engagement vampires love to hang out at the beginning and the middle of your video — the 2 most common points where viewer engagement drops off. And some of them are even bold enough to pounce on viewers right before the final call to action!

How to conquer them:

These aren’t regular vampires, so garlic and wooden stakes won’t do you much good! But here’s what you can do to scare the engagement vampires away and make sure that your customers stay engaged with your marketing video from start to finish:

  1. Make the first 5 seconds of your video as attention-grabbing as you possibly can — use this article as a guide.
  2. Look at the viewing experience in context. Think about how your viewers get to the video (from a PPC ad, an email link, another video); what their expectations are from watching it; where the video is hosted, and how the design and optimization factor into things.
  3. Invest in eye-catching visuals and high-quality voiceover for your marketing video. A distinctive style and a great narration go a long way towards boosting engagement.
  4. Infuse your marketing videos with emotion. When your message makes viewers feel something, they will be harder to lose — and more likely to buy!

2. Zombified plots

Just like regular zombies, these shambling disasters have no idea what they’re doing or where they’re going. A zombified plot makes a marketing video wander mindlessly from one vague selling point to the next — just going through the motions and never giving the viewer a straight answer to the all-important question:

“Why should I care? What’s in it for me?” (That’s 2 questions, but ultimately they’re both about the same thing.)

To avoid the narrative un-death and fully connect with your target customers, your marketing video will need a story makeover, stat! Luckily, storytelling isn’t rocket science, and we can get you started right now with a few helpful tips…

How to conquer them:

  1. Create compelling characters. You need heroes to survive the zombie apocalypse — or to tell a good story, for that matter. Create a fun character to be the stand-in for your viewer or your brand, and put them in your narrative.
  2. Lead with the problem. At The Draw Shop, we believe that any persuasive message begins with identifying the customer’s #1 pain point or problem. This is the source of your video’s conflict and drama — and you can’t have a good story without them.
  3. Show a bright future. But don’t be all doom and gloom… to take action, your viewers need hope. Show them how to solve their #1 problem, and what their life will be like once they do. And of course, make whatever you’re selling an integral part of that solution and the awesome future that awaits them!

3. Ghosts of buyer’s remorse

These phantoms appear whenever your viewers feel any doubts or fears about buying from you. The ghosts of buyer’s remorse have the ability to blow any concern or objection out of proportion — no matter how small it might seem to you.

These spooky spirits usually haunt marketing videos that sell products or services, but:

  • Don’t do a good job of addressing the viewer’s objections.
  • Don’t spend any time establishing authority or credibility.
  • Make no effort to protect the viewer from potential risks.

If you let them run free, the ghosts of buyer’s remorse can scare off even those customers who were itching to buy from you just minutes ago! So the only way to achieve healthy conversion rates is to bust these ghosts — for good.

How to conquer them:

There are 3 main strategies you can use to put your viewers at ease and protect them from the ghosts of buyer’s remorse:

  1. Convey your credibility and authority. Your viewers don’t trust you — yet. So you need to signal to them that you are trustworthy. Use social proof to show that lots of people already trust your brand. Show off your product or service in action to prove it works as advertised — or explain the unique process behind it. Showcase results that other customers had with testimonials and case studies.
  2. Handle unspoken objections. An effective marketing video brings up and addresses viewers’ objections as soon as (and sometimes before) they think of them. Figure out what your customers are worried about the most, and tackle it in your video — openly, honestly, and calmly.
  3. Remove the buyer’s risk. Finally, you can show viewers that there’s no risk to saying “yes” to your offer. Prove to them that you’re looking out for them and protecting them from wasting their time and money. Maybe you have a no-strings-attached free trial. Maybe you offer a valuable free consultation to make sure that you’re a fit for one another. Or maybe you have a great guarantee behind your product or service.

4. Pushy, salesy “werewolf” tactics

(Fun fact: you can sing this subheadline to the tune of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” We thought you should know.)

Unlike all the other monsters on our list, these fluffy canines actually want to help you get customers! They just… have a weird way of going about it.

You see, werewolves live for the hunt. So their idea of getting people to buy from you is to chase them and nip at their heels until they give in. You can probably guess that your customers aren’t huge fans of this!

Whenever you use high-pressure sales tactics to market your product or service, these wolfish fellas appear. You get tons of them every year on Black Friday, but also:

  • Any time you use fake scarcity or urgency in sales — e.g. timed discounts with in-your-face countdowns, “limited quantity” when it absolutely isn’t. That kind of thing.
  • Whenever you bribe first-time customers with a discount, devaluing your brand and your product or service in the process.
  • When your sales pitch takes up most of your marketing video and offers little to no value to viewers.

How to conquer them:

Now, it might be tempting to do nothing about this particular monster. There’s a reason high-pressure sales tactics are so popular — they’re easy and they work! Well, some of the time.

But consider this: the key to strategic growth is attracting long-term customers who want to keep doing business with you, again and again.

But who will want to do that when they feel like they’ve been chased into a sale by a pack of feral werewolves? Exactly.

And there’s only one “silver bullet” that will help you beat the werewolves — choose to take the high road and sell with authenticity and respect.

  • Make every sales interaction helpful and educational rather than pushy…
  • Only use scarcity and urgency when you actually mean it…
  • Don’t cheapen your brand with discounts, unless you want to reward loyal customers…
  • …and sure, once in a while you can do a holiday promotion.

5. Miscommunication mummies

“Mphphphp pfff mmwh!” This is what we imagine mummies sound like from under all those bandages.

They put an ancient curse of any marketing video that doesn’t have its messaging straight. They can take even the most memorable and marketable idea and smother it in layers of vague language, unnecessary details, and bad communication. As a result, you get a video that:

  • Doesn’t speak your customers’ language.
  • Has zero clarity about what the offer is, or what it does.
  • Hides everything that’s special about your product or service.

Ultimately, miscommunication mummies turn your offer from something powerful and unique into just another “thing” without an identity or personality — something your customers can easily ignore.

Let’s fix that, shall we?

How to conquer them:

In the 1999 “Mummy,” heroes had wits, lots of guns, and (at one point) a cat. You’re only going to need one of these — and we’re sorry to say that it’s not the cat.

You need to be clever enough to make your marketing video impossible to misunderstand. That means:

  1. Learning your viewers’ language. Talk to your potential customers with the same words and phrases they’d use to describe themselves and their situation. You’ll need to do your homework to pull it off!
  2. Defining and emphasizing your USP. Create a crystal-clear unique value proposition for your product or service, and bake it into every marketing video you do. Don’t keep your viewers guessing what your offer is and what it does.
  3. Showing off what makes you different. Always think about why someone should choose your brand over one of your competitors. What makes you better for your target market? What do you do differently from everybody else? How will it help your customers?

Let’s do some monster-slaying — together

Want to make your business safe from things that go bump in the night and ruin your conversions? It’s much easier to do with a trusted partner who has your back!

We’ve created effective, “monster-proof” videos for hundreds of clients — including Uber, Twitter, Google, United Nations, Lockheed Martin, Thermo Fisher, Netflix, and others. We know how to:

  • Earn (and keep) your customers’ attention
  • Bring out everything awesome about your brand
  • Craft a compelling story around your product or service
  • Make you stand out as the best in your industry
  • Sell with 100% confidence and authenticity

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