There are hundreds, if not thousands, of video marketing strategies you could be using to grow your business. But they aren’t all created equal! Their complexity, the investment of time and money required, and effectiveness are all over the place.

So how do you know which video marketing strategies will not only move the needle – but also give you the biggest bang for your buck?

Well, that’s why you keep us around! We’ll happily tell you.

In today’s article, you will learn 5 video marketing strategies you can use for your business, with great results. When putting together this list, we went for a balanced mix of little-known but effective and well-established yet underrated strategies. We hope you find it valuable!

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the first strategy…

1. Engage your viewers more than ever with livestreaming

Marketers everywhere are raking their brains trying to answer this one question…

How can they get people to watch their videos longer?

And the surprising answer is: stream your content live!

According to Vimeo, viewers spend 8 times as long watching live videos than they do VODs (video on demand). So clearly, consumers love live content!

When you’re streaming your video content live, as opposed to publishing pre-recorded videos, you’ll have higher audience retention and longer average watch time. Plus, you can record the live broadcast and repurpose it into an on-demand video for customers to watch whenever they want – best of both worlds!

But right now you’re probably thinking, “I’d like to try live video, but what would I even stream?” That’s a great question! Live video content comes in dozens of different formats – here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Live Q&A sessions, where you can answer questions from viewers – either on the go, or having gathered them beforehand.
  • Announcement videos – for example, you can announce the results of a contest, or reveal your new product or service live.
  • Live charity fundraisers – throw your company’s support behind a cause you care about, ask your audience to contribute, and stream the whole thing.
  • Behind-the-scenes hangouts – maybe you have a celebrity guest at your HQ, or you want to show off something you’re working on, or you want to give your customers a private “sneak peek” of a new product… you name it!
  • Streaming “offline” events – let’s say that you organized (or sponsored) an amazing party, concert, sports game, or any other “offline” event. By definition, not every target customer of yours can make it there – so stream the event for the folks at home.
  • Webinars and workshops, where you get to teach your viewers something useful and pitch your products or services at the end.

2. Promote your brand with user-generated video

Let’s say that you have a product or service to promote… Doesn’t matter what exactly. What matters is, you can do it in one of two ways:

  1. A polished, jaw-droppingly gorgeous video ad with a persuasive script, OR
  2. A raw, real video testimonial by a former customer, unsolicited and unscripted…

Which do you think would win? And which would you choose?

This is a trick question, of course – different types of customers favor different things, so it helps to have both. But if you go out there and ask 100 business owners if they have any user-generated content they could use in their marketing, we bet you dollars to donuts that 99 of them will say no!

Which is a shame, because user-generated video content can be incredibly powerful. When you say, “Hey, my brand is great,” consumers will take this information with a fistful of salt (and who can blame them). But if it’s someone else – someone just like them – vouching for your business, voluntarily… that’s different. That conveys both trust and credibility.

That’s why gathering and leveraging user-generated content is one of the most powerful video marketing strategies you could use.

Now, we could give you a handful of different ways to do that… but to be honest, there’s only one way that: a) works for almost every brand, and b) delivers great results. So we’ll stick to it.

Here it is: ask for testimonials. Be strategic about reaching out to your customers, asking them for testimonials (and following up), and then preserving and using those testimonials in your marketing.

Bonus tip: set up a Google alert with your brand name, and compile anything and everything nice people say about your business online. Tweets, blog post quotes, videos, product reviews, photos… everything. You can make a video compilation out of these tidbits – or use them as social proof in your marketing copy!

3. Increase conversion rates with in-video lead capture

Not all effective video marketing strategies take forever to implement and require a small army of specially-trained, caffeine-addled marketing geeks to run smoothly. Most – but not all.

Sometimes they’re as simple as taking advantage of modern technology designed to increase your conversions – and make your life as an entrepreneur easier.

In-video lead capture tools have been around for years, but not many brands have embraced them. Which is a crying shame, considering how well they convert. According to Wistia (who pioneered this technology), in-video opt-in forms can convert at 20% or higher!

Think about it: would you rather say something like, “Click/enter your name and email below,” as your call to action – and trust viewers to follow through…

…or have an opt-in form appear right inside your video, impossible to miss? Give us the latter any day of the week!

So how do you start using in-video lead capture tools? First, you’ll need to find a video hosting platform that supports them (like Wistia) – or use a third-party technology like Hubspot, which provides embeddable in-video lead forms.

But that’s the easy part!

Now, to make sure you get the highest conversion rates possible with your new and fancy lead generation tools (otherwise why bother?), make sure you do two things:

  1. Customize your opt-in copy. You won’t win any hearts and minds if you keep using placeholder text! This technology is amazing, but the execution still matters. Make sure you tailor your in-video forms to the viewers, just like you would do with a regular landing page.
  2. Decide when you want the form to appear. You’ll have a choice between the start of the video, the middle, and the end. The ideal location will vary depending on the kind of video, what information you’re gathering, and who’s watching. Mid-roll forms seem to convert the best, but it doesn’t always make sense to use them. You’ll have some hard choices to make!

4. Boost subscription confirmations and reduce unsubscribes

Leads are hard to acquire and easy to lose. If you have an email list, you will lose most of your new leads at two specific points:

  • When they unsubscribe, and
  • Right after they give you their name and email.

Wait, what?!

Obviously, when someone unsubscribes, you lose the ability to communicate with them. But the more upsetting thing by far is the leads who voluntarily subscribe and then never engage with you at all!

They don’t read your emails, don’t click through – most of them don’t even confirm their subscription. Now that hurts! So let’s see what you can do about it…

There are two video marketing strategies you can use to energize new subscribers and reduce unsubscribes. Strictly speaking, they are the same strategy – produce a video that will engage these people, and put it on the key page in question (your thank-you page and your unsubscribe page).

For new subscribers, you want a video where you:

  1. Thank them for opting in
  2. Set expectations about the kind of content they will see
  3. Instruct them to confirm their email address

And for unsubscribes, you can create a short, entertaining video that basically says, “We’re sorry to see you go!” – and indirectly makes them consider re-subscribing.

For example, Groupon used to have a hilarious unsubscribe video where their CEO would get “punished” for the viewer unsubscribing. Think something along these lines – entertaining but not guilt-trippy!

Bonus tip: you can use videos to enhance all your thank-you pages, not just for new subscribers. For instance, if someone books an appointment with you, requests a free quote, or fills out a return form, you can use video to engage them and communicate what comes next. It’s an incredibly versatile strategy – use it often!

5. Spread your video content across platforms to drive traffic

Video has the longest lifespan out of all online content – which makes it the perfect tool for driving traffic!

There are tons of video marketing strategies for generating traffic, but they all boil down to one thing… be where your target customers are.

That means you want to spread your video content to every third-party platform where your target market hangs out – or at least as many of them as possible! Let’s explore how this might look in practice…

For example, you know that your customers watch a ton of YouTube. You can create and grow a channel to attract them as an audience – and later lead them back to your website. You could also use YouTube ads to do it.

Then, let’s say that your target market hangs out on Facebook and Instagram. That’s where well-produced social videos would come in handy. Gradually, you will build up a steady stream of traffic from these social media to your site.

Incidentally, both FB and Insta are perfectly suited for live video content (video marketing strategy #1) – so use that to your advantage as well!

Finally, let’s say that your customers also spend time on Quora asking and answering questions. Now, it’s not a video-focused platform – but you can still embed your video content in there when it makes sense, and link back to your website.

You’ve noticed the common theme here, right? In every case, your goal is to drive traffic back to your website, where you control the context and the experience and you decide how and when to convert a visitor or make them an offer.

Now, it may sound like we want you to create an absolute ton of video content… but we don’t. Not unless you want to!

In reality, you can establish a presence of quite a few third-party platforms just by making one video and then repurposing it to other platforms. Say, taking out 30- or 60-second segments and putting them on Facebook and Instagram, or editing the video down to a short “highlight reel.”

Life is short and marketing is hard – so repurpose ruthlessly!

Want more video marketing strategies? Here’s a better idea

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