Wanna know the not-so-secret method to grow your business with video marketing? 

Deliver valuable, relevant content to your customers, consistently. That’s the shortest, straightest path to earning their attention, trust, and eventually — business. 

Well, you may be wondering, what’s the optimal way to do that

You’ve seen the headline already… so I think you can probably guess. *wink* 

It’s creating a branded video series — a.k.a. a regular video show based on a specific concept, where you can deliver ongoing value to your target audience. In many ways, a video show is the ultimate marketing asset, because it neatly solves three problems plaguing business owners:

Problem #1. Earning customers’ attention. Using video and a solid “core” idea for a series takes care of that right off the bat.

Problem #2. Translating that short-term engagement into long-running loyalty and trust. The ongoing video show format — serving up value on a regular schedule — guarantees to viewers that they’ll get more of what they already love.

And last but not least…

Problem #3. Coming up with new ideas for high-converting content. Counter-intuitively, being constrained to one specific concept actually helps with creativity, and keeps winning ideas flowing!

If you’re using, or planning to use, video to grow your business, creating your own branded video series is a powerful strategic investment. The question is…

What should it be about?

That’s what I’m going to help you with in today’s article!

This week, I will share with you 5 high-level ideas for your branded video show. Please feel free to take them and use them for your video marketing strategy — if this helps even one entrepreneur, I’ll be over the moon about it.

Read on, and you will learn:

  • How to take advantage of today’s information overload and craft an engaging video show helping your customers deal with it.
  • The #1 source of winning content ideas — that could also become a concept for your video series.
  • Yet another way to leverage the abundance of online content in your favor, and deliver amazing value to your audience by curating existing resources.
  • How to take the most commonly overused video series concept, and breathe new life into it — so your customers can’t get enough of it.
  • Real-life examples of “high concept” branded video series that you could use for inspiration when creating your own.

And more. Let’s dive in!

Pictured: a woman with long chestnut hair is cracking a safe while wearing a burglar's costume. The safe reads: 5


1. Analyze and explain industry news & trends

Imagine these two scenarios.

1. Your customers work full-time in a complicated and rapidly changing industry, and they need to keep up with its developments to stay relevant, competitive, and in-demand. For example, they are graphic designers trying to land big-name clients.


2. In addition to knowing their industry inside and out, your customers have to regularly engage with another sophisticated field that they don’t know much about… but you do. E.g. they are in the hospitality business and need to stay on top of compliance regulations — which happen to be your specialty.

In cases like these, a “news & trends” video show can work like gangbusters.

And the reason for that is simple: your customers, even if they are certified experts, find it challenging to learn about and understand every new development in their industry. Or at least, they find it challenging to excel at that and at their jobs at the same time!

(Understandable, to be honest.)

And if they aren’t experts to begin with? Hoo boy, they need all the help they can get.

That’s where your video show can come in. If you can aggregate all the news and trends worth knowing about, explain them to your customers in clear terms, and communicate how those things affect them…

…you can build a deeply engaged audience who watch your content religiously, think of you as a trusted voice — and are one step away from becoming buyers.


2. Answer your customers’ most burning questions

One of the main reasons businesses struggle to create engaging video content is simple: they don’t know how to come up with winning ideas. So they end up copying competitors, or tackling random topics with no strategy, or just quit content marketing altogether.

Well, do you know who always has great ideas for content that resonates? Your customers! 

They’ll be the ones watching it and taking action on it… so it’s only right that you go straight to the source for inspiration.

You can even build an entire video show around answering your audience’s biggest questions — no extra gimmicks and quirky ideas necessary! Just pick the most pressing questions and the biggest pain points your customers want to solve, and address them in regular episodes.

This format is especially great for business owners whose specialized expert knowledge is their #1 asset. Think lawyers, accountants, consultants, project managers, coaches, interior designers… even plumbers and morticians!

Why? Because nothing builds your credibility faster than showing up regularly to help your customers solve their problems.

If you practice this consistently, you will gradually become a trusted authority to your target audience. So when they encounter a problem that’s too big to solve by watching a single video, guess whose name / business they will think of first?



3. Curate unmissable tools, resources, and content

Every single community, every niche, every industry online… is drowning in stuff. Content, resources, tools — free and paid — are everywhere.

And surprise surprise: too many options can feel just as discouraging and overwhelming as not enough!

In this world of infinite choice, your customers need a trusted source that would help them get their bearings and discover what’s right for them. Someone who would consider as many options as possible so they don’t have to, and narrow them down to those most worthwhile.

That’s why we’re seeing an explosion in curated content lately — and why I believe it’s a solid concept for a regular video series.

Chances are, you already spend way more time than your target audience discovering, researching, and testing relevant resources / tools / gears / apps / content, you name it… 

…so why not leverage it for content?

Once a month / once a week (or however often you want), you could release a short episode highlighting only the best of the best of your findings and recommendations.

It could be just one thing per week, or a digest of 10 different things every month — the exact frequency and scope are up to you. All that matters if that you strive to deliver as much value as possible through your curation.

Do that, and your customers will be grateful to you for doing the heavy lifting for them, and grow to trust you more as a result!


4. Interview guests with valuable insights to share

Interviews are yet another format that thrives in today’s overabundance of content, information, and thought leaders.

For starters, your audience doesn’t have the ability (or desire) to follow everyone who could possibly be a relevant or useful authority to them. On top of that, there are so many people who could share valuable ideas and experiences with your customers — but they have no platform to do so.

This is where you could step in to bridge the gap, and bring those fresh voices and perspectives to your audience.

“But Summer, interview shows are everywhere. They are so generic and overdone!” I hear you say. And to be honest?

I agree!

Even as a person who interviews a lot and finds this format incredibly valuable, there’s no denying it — many interview shows just serve as a thinly veiled excuse for marketers to plug their offers to new people.

But yours doesn’t have to be that! You could break the mold and do something new and different. For example:

  • Instead of interviewing other people in your industry, invite complete outsiders and see what they have to teach your audience.
  • Ignore big influencers entirely and talk to regular people — those who have tons of knowledge and expertise to share, but little to no following.
  • Play with format, questions, length, and other variables. Even a simple change of scenery can put a twist on the interview format (e.g. see Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee).

Bonus tip: an interview-based video show can be easily repurposed into an audio podcast — two birds with one stone!


5. Take an unusual, quirky concept and run with it

So far we’ve only talked about tried and true concepts for a video series. The low-hanging fruit, if you will. And I don’t mean that in any kind of a negative way. You can still get great results with any one of those ideas — if you make them your own with relevant subject matter, clever structure, distinctive style, etc.


Do you know what would make the biggest impression on your customers?

Something truly fresh and new. Something unmistakeable. A “high concept” series that thrives off of one big idea, and carves a niche that’s totally its own.

Now, as awesome as this sounds, this isn’t something I can show you step-by-step. There are too many variables involved — your industry, your style, your production capabilities and budget, and so many others.

So I’m just going to give you a few little prompts to get you thinking about the possibilities… plus some examples of real existing shows to get you inspired!

Here they are:

  • How can you use your expertise or industry knowledge to educate people in interesting ways? For example, this show critiques pricing pages of famous companies in a fun back-and-forth discussion format.
  • How can you resonate with your customers at the most fundamental level — that of values and beliefs, dreams and aspirations? This documentary by Patagonia doesn’t just teach nature lovers about one of the oldest rainforests on the planet… it hits them right in what they care about (preserving and connecting with nature).
  • What’s weird and creative and unusual about your industry that you can highlight? E.g. this marketer has an ongoing series about businesses that generate revenue and market themselves in seemingly strange ways… that are actually brilliant.
  • Can you leverage a super constrained format that still allows for plenty of variation? For instance, check out how this skincare brand invites different influencers to share their morning routines and bond with viewers in short and sweet videos.


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