Whiteboard animation video and content marketing are a match made in heaven — either that or, you know, a marketing department meeting. If your brand could use more engaging content, video is the answer… but only if you know how to use it for maximum engagement and lead generation!

Unfortunately, putting out the same types of video content will get old eventually. Sure, you could always turn to under-used video marketing formats to keep your potential customers engaged — but those don’t always work well for nurturing leads.

So what can you do to keep your video marketing fresh and engaging?

That’s what we’d love to show you today!

We’re going to look at five ways to incorporate whiteboard and cartoon animation videos into your content marketing strategy — in a way that helps different types of customers develop a strong relationship with your brand (they want it, even if they say they don’t).

Let’s dive in!


1. Animate something funny

Humor goes a long way to making customers care about your content — and, by extension, your business. The trouble is, when you try and come up with something humorous to use in your content marketing efforts, it often feels contrived and almost painfully forced.

So what are you supposed to do? Take something that’s already funny, and animate it!

It could be anything:

  • A hilarious customer service exchange where your support team proved themselves incredibly competent and innovative.
  • A successful talk you’ve given — you could hand-pick the jokes, as well as some useful content, and animate an engaging “highlight reel.”
  • Banter between employees during a team meeting (those happen especially frequently if you have a distributed team).
  • A humorous outtake from a podcast episode, or an interview you’ve done, could be re-made into a whiteboard video — and used to promote the original piece of content to new audiences.
  • Finally, if you need a special occasion to entertain your customers, consider an April Fools’ Day video — it’s a legitimately effective marketing strategy!

Remember: even if you work in a completely joyless industry, you can still come up with engaging, humorous content. If a mortician can make her potential customers smile and look forward to her videos, so can you!

2. Repurpose other types of content

By its nature, content marketing is an uphill battle. Around 75% of all the content that you’ll ever put out is going to fall flat. It will go unnoticed, with very few views, likes, or social shares. Even if you emphasize quality over quantity, most of your content won’t do well — sad, but true.

If we’re talking about low-investment content like blog posts or social media updates, it’s no big deal. But whiteboard and cartoon animation videos are costly, and they take a long time to produce — so what can you do to make sure that they don’t fizzle out and die in obscurity?

It’s simple: look at your already-popular content and repurpose it as whiteboard video. Anything goes:

  • Impressive success stories from customers can be animated to make them more engaging.
  • You can summarize a popular blog post or a guide of yours that’s been making rounds on social media.
  • Every successful presentation, audio file, report, interview, or anything else your audience enjoyed could be given a new lease on life as a whiteboard and cartoon animation video.

On the surface, repurposing might seem like a waste of time, even a cop out. But remember that different people prefer different types of content: some respond well to audio, others like to read… and a huge chunk of the population enjoys video!

Taking your successful content and remaking it into a whiteboard video is an excellent way to draw more attention to your message — and so it’s the opposite of a cop out! Let’s just call it a shortcut, OK?

3. Teach them something useful

Customers don’t just passively consume your product or service — as they interact with your brand, they actually want to receive advice and help from you. They would deny it if you asked, but it’s true!

Your prospects want to learn something new every time they click “Play” — or read a blog post, or open an email. If you want to craft engaging content that resonates with them, you’d better find a way to teach them something valuable!

For example, it could be:

  • An unusual way to use your product that gives them an advantage, e.g. “Here’s how you can use our software to automate all of your appointments!”
  • A lifehack that saves them time and effort doing something useful or necessary, like “Free up an extra hour every day by using this email management system.”
  • A little-known fact, or an uncommon perspective, they’ve never thought about — e.g. “Here’s why you don’t need to write blog posts.”

If you can create a whiteboard and cartoon animation video that stokes people’s curiosity, plays with their expectations, and conveys your message with complete clarity (we explain how here), you’ll have a terrific piece of content on your hands!

4. Tell a story

According to Seth Godin, a brand is simply a set of stories. The story you tell your customers and non-customers. The story they are telling about you. Together, they create a set of expectations, memories, and relationships people have with your business.

To get better at branding — and connecting with your customers — you need to embrace storytelling as an integral part of your content marketing efforts. And few media are as well-suited to telling a compelling story as whiteboard and cartoon animation videos.

“But I don’t have any stories to tell!” you might object. Of course you do.

  • Has your business ever been in an impossibly tough situation… and beat the odds, emerging even stronger and better out of the experience? Then it’s a story you can tell.
  • Did you have an ambitious vision back when you started your company — and do you have one now, as you lead it into the future? That’s also a story worth telling.
  • Do you have customers, partners, or even employees, who can say with total conviction, “You have changed my life”? Their stories are the most powerful of all.

Everyone loves stories — your customers are no exception. If you want to get better at content marketing, give them what they want!

5. Liven up something (normally) boring

Face it: certain aspects of your brand put people to sleep. It isn’t personal — even the most fascinating companies in the world have more than a few elements that are boring but necessary: About pages, FAQs, Terms and Conditions, automated emails…

But here’s something 99% of brands don’t realize: those yawn-inducing things are actually a hidden opportunity in disguise (a very good disguise)! By making them more interesting and entertaining, you’ll be able to differentiate your business from the competition, and score some easy points with your target customers.

Even the most joyless elements of your branding can be made engaging — for example:

  • Nine out of ten About pages are boring — but yours doesn’t have to be! Create an entertaining whiteboard and cartoon animation video about your brand, and you won’t have to twiddle your thumbs in embarrassment every time people mention your About page! We’ve done something similar with our Process page, and can’t recommend this tactic enough.
  • Frequently Asked Questions section on any website is a total snoozefest. Why not create short animations for the most common questions you have to deal with? It’s great for getting your point across to even the most easily confused customers; it makes for bite-sized shareable content; last but not least, it’s simply fun!
  • Confirmation emails, automated responses, even legal content — anything can be enhanced with an engaging whiteboard and cartoon animation video. If it’s something legally binding, like your Terms and Conditions, just put your non-boring summary next to it without changing the original content (kind of like in this non-video example). It’s a terrific customer service practice — plus, you’d be surprised how shareable such content can be!

Content marketing with whiteboard and cartoon animation videos shouldn’t be limited to the same repetitive explainers and how-to’s. To create shareable video content, you don’t have to produce something life-changing every time: as long you can create a valuable, entertaining, or just plain intriguing piece of content, your customers will be happy to engage with it.

Remember: the goal is not to maximize conversions, or convey your marketing message (although it can be one of the goals, too) — it’s to create as many meaningful interactions with your customers as possible.

And now you have 5 more ways to achieve it with whiteboard and cartoon animation videos — enjoy!

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