Year after year, everyone and their mother make predictions about video marketing trends that will define the future… with, shall we say, varying success.

Presumably, they also write those predictions to a campy sci-fi soundtrack. But we digress!

We’re almost halfway through 2018. So we thought it would be fun to examine the most exciting video marketing trends of this year, and where they might lead us.

So put your futuristic chrome bodysuit on (what do you mean you don’t have one?!) – and join us on this little adventure as we observe and dissect the fun new developments we’re seeing in video marketing this year!

Live streaming competes with pre-recorded content

Marketing research says that consumers watch a live streamed video 3 times longer (on average) than a pre-recorded one. So there’s no wonder that live streaming is one of the defining video marketing trends of this year!

Every major platform is jumping on the bandwagon. Facebook Live, YouTube streaming, Twitch, Instagram, even Twitter with its Periscope integration – all these companies invest in live broadcasting capabilities because they know:

Live streaming = longer viewing time = more engagement = more money

And brands take advantage of it to sell more products and services.

Broadcasting launch events, Q&A sessions, workshops, conferences, office tours, or anything else you can think of is a cool way to introduce novel video content into your marketing arsenal. Depending on what your company sells, live streaming could be a great fit for you!

Video content is going social

But forget live streaming – social video in general is exploding.

On Facebook alone, 500 million consumers watch videos every day. And when you add every other social media website (and all of them have introduced and expanded video functionality), you’ll see that people’s appetites for video content are growing – fast.

That sounded sinister, but it’s actually great news for everybody!

Compared to the ROI of other marketing channels, social media has always been the odd one out: hugely popular with consumers, but not very effective in terms of direct marketing efforts.

Social video could change that. It’s more shareable and engaging than other types of content, and it might just be the tool that takes your social media marketing to the next level!

Square videos aren’t just a fad

We love video. We live and breathe video. We make a living with video. And yet, when we look at some video marketing trends, even we sometimes find it hard not to go:

“Huh? What’s that all about?”

And when we heard about square-shaped videos becoming popular, our initial reaction was exactly like that. But then we thought about it…

(Incoming nerd alert!)

You know how filmmakers use specific aspect ratios to convey a certain impression? For example, David Fincher shot his recent Netflix series “Mindhunter” in ultra-wide 2.35:1 aspect ratio to emphasize actors’ movements in every scene. Anyway, now you know!

Our point is, square-shaped videos also serve a similar purpose: not to influence your perception of what’s being shown, but to improve the viewing experience. Because by now most video content is viewed:

  1. a) on social media
  2. b) on mobile devices

From this point of view, square videos make perfect sense. They make it much easier to watch something while scrolling through the feed!

360-degree video is growing, too

As far as video marketing trends go, 360 video isn’t exactly new. It’s been around for years – but brands have started catching on to the benefits of it only recently.

And while just a couple of years ago nobody was sure if 360 video would amount to anything, 2018 has seen this format explode. Even social media websites like Facebook have jumped on the bandwagon!

And there are plenty of benefits indeed: higher click-through rates, shares, comments, and total viewing time over multiple videos, to name a few. While, surprisingly, 360 videos often fall short in terms of retention and views compared to regular video ads, they make up for it by driving people to take action and explore related content.

So if you want to emphasize engagement in your next campaign, creating 360 video content would be a great strategy. With the most recent advancements in video technology, you could even live stream in 360 degrees and kill two birds with one stone!


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Virtual Reality is on the rise…

…but probably not in the way you think.

Despite optimistic predictions, VR technology didn’t get the kind of wide adoption among average consumers that many brands were hoping for. That said, it did find a lot of niches where it could thrive!

Big corporations are using it for employee training. Industries with high deal values – like architecture, luxury travel, and real estate – are creating VR walkthroughs to attract customers and close more sales. B2B companies are using Virtual Reality to streamline their production process and get better, more precise feedback from clients.

VR is still a long way away from becoming as ubiquitous as, say, smartphones… but depending on which industry you work in, you could benefit from this video marketing trend significantly!

If you’d like to learn more, check out this post of ours about key industries that should adopt Virtual Reality technology.

Video SEO is becoming more and more important

Google’s search algorithms are increasingly favoring video over other types of content. For example, when you search for “how to [do anything],” video clips might be the first thing you see!

If you rely on search traffic to drive visitors and leads to your website – and if you have a website, you probably do! – you want to consider adding video content to relevant pages like:

  • Your homepage
  • Your About page
  • Your product pages
  • Your target landing pages

And more.

Websites with video content tend to rank higher for competitive keywords, and appear prominently in SERPs. All the sign point to this video marketing trend continuing and growing stronger – so it’s a great time to invest in this kind of content, no matter what you sell!

Machine learning and AI are changing video production

If you follow technology news at all, you know that the global innovation landscape right now consists of people trying to cram AI and machine learning into… well, basically everything.

Home appliances? Let’s make them smart! Cars? Those should drive themselves (and also fly – but that’s a different story)! Advertising? How about…

Well, you get it.

Video marketing isn’t an exception to this trend. Here are just some ways AI and machine learning are being used in our industry:

  • Artificial Intelligence is helping with video editing – like this movie trailer, for instance. This is done with human supervision and guidance – computers are still a bit dumb! (This sentence won’t do us any favors in the event of a machine uprising, will it?)
  • Text-to-video technology exists. Basically, it’s when AI analyzes video scripts, searches for matching clips, and then puts together a video. Despite this being early days, this is a neat innovation! Seems like computers aren’t dumb after all. (There, this should put us back into good graces with our AI overlords…)
  • Video search and recommendations is powered entirely by Artificial Intelligence. On the positive side, it means that relevant videos become easier to discover by an eager audience. On the negative side, it has some troubling implications for radicalizing people online and mass-traumatizing kids with creepy, unsettling video content.

(Errr…you win some, you lose some?)

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