Ho ho ho! Happy New Year!

2019 is finally here. And you know what that means…

‘Tis the season for planning to do something new with your video marketing. Something bold, something creative, and – ideally – profitable.

So we thought we’d kick off 2019 by giving you 7 video marketing ideas you will definitely want to try this year!

These aren’t “trends”, mind you. They will remain relevant well beyond this year – or next year. To be quite honest, you should have tried all of these back in 2018!

But hey, no time like the present. So let’s examine our favorite video marketing ideas for 2019 (and beyond). Read on!

1. Make your videos… live


We always talk about how video is the most engaging content format out there.

Still, it’s an uphill battle to get viewers to stick around and watch marketing videos to the end. Even short clips are prone to losing viewers past a certain point, whether it’s the first few seconds, the first minute, the halfway point, or before the end.

But what if we told you there was a way to get your customers to watch an hour’s worth of marketing video – or more! – without gluing anybody to the chair?

That’s the magic of live streaming.

Unlike regular videos, which are usually pre-recorded, live streaming video gets broadcast in real time. Viewers can engage with the content as it’s being produced, affect the outcome, and communicate with each other and the people on screen.

The result is an incredibly engaging experience that’s almost as good as a live in-person event. Better, even, because it’s a lot cheaper to create!

Live streaming has been around since the mid-90s. But in the past decade, it has gone from a niche obsession related to video games and sports to a marketing secret weapon used by some of the best-known brands in the world.

And it keeps growing.

In 2019, try hosting your own live streamed video event. A giveaway, a competition, a Q&A session, a virtual summit, even “office hours” for existing customers – there are so many ways you could take advantage of this format!

2. Make your videos… unique and personal


Marketing encourages you to find a way to reach the greatest number of people while spending as little time and effort as possible.

And that’s OK – otherwise running a business would be about as efficient as draining the ocean one bucket at a time.

But keeping your marketing interactions large-scale has a cost. Your customers know they aren’t special. You know they aren’t special.

Your customers can ditch you for a competitor at any moment, and you can easily replace them with someone else. There’s no relationship, and as a result – no loyalty on either side.

How do you solve this problem and build an authentic relationship that lasts?

You do things for your customers that can’t be easily reproduced and automated. Things that are personal, not profit-driven, and human.

“Things that don’t scale”… because if they did, they wouldn’t work!

Personalized welcome and thank-you videos are probably the best-known strategy of this kind. They feel incredibly personal, are quick to put together but can’t be automated. Also, unlike a personal call, they are much less disruptive for you and your customers.

And most importantly, they work! That’s why brands like Wistia, Warby Parker, MeUndies and many others use them constantly.

If you’re looking for simple but effective video marketing ideas to try in 2019, this is the perfect one for you!


3. Make your videos… interactive


In the final days of 2018, Netflix dropped its ambitious interactive film “Bandersnatch”… and just like that, people around the world woke up to the potential of nonlinear storytelling.

Interactive video isn’t a new concept – we’ve talked about it many times before. But 2019 could be the year it finally goes mainstream!

Let’s face it, though: while interactive video marketing can produce incredible results, it’s pretty impractical for a lot of brands. There are easier ways to generate revenue than creating a sprawling interactive experience. You’re just trying to make money, not win an Oscar!

But your videos can still benefit from some measure of interactivity. The technology is already there, it’s ridiculously easy to use – and with just a few simple tweaks, you could boost your conversion rates, learn more about your potential customers, and sell more products! What’s not to love?

Here are just a few ideas you can try in 2019:

  • Put clickable annotations in your videos. You can make these simple text boxes pop up at specific places in your video to tell viewers something important, or lead them somewhere else: like a landing page, a survey, or a product page.
  • Create in-video lead generation forms. When viewers can enter their name and email directly inside the video – without scrolling down or navigating away – it can dramatically boost your conversion rate. Plus, you can use these tools to create gated video content for people to access after they’ve opted in!
  • Use interactive calls to action throughout the video. These can help you segment viewers (for example, if you have more than one customer persona, ask them to identify themselves), help them navigate between different parts of the video, or offer different products to buy (shoppable videos are going to be huge).

As we’ve said before, you don’t need to create something super-sophisticated to get results from this strategy. For example, this interactive recipe uses existing YouTube features to give viewers a more engaging experience. It’s super-simple but very well-executed. You can easily do something similar!

4. Make your videos… search-friendly


SEO is going to be a big part of video marketing in 2019. Search engines know that users love video – and they are working hard to make it more visible and more discoverable.

Unsurprisingly, Google is leading the charge when it comes to search-friendly videos. They own YouTube, the #1 video hosting platform in the world, so they have a vested interest in putting video content all over their search results!

You’ve seen it happen. First, they added a separate tab for video search results… Then, there were video thumbnails… And in 2018, Google introduced video carousels and featured videos.

The world’s biggest search engine is going all-in on video content – and here’s how you can take advantage of it…

To start with, discover the topics and keywords your potential customers are using. Google favors specific “video keywords” that people use to search for video content online. “How to tie a tie” is just one example of a typical “video keyword.”

So when Google receives keywords like these, it’s guaranteed to show videos in search results!

And once you’ve identified the keywords and topics relevant to your target market, you can optimize your videos around them and rank on Google more easily. In fact, video is 50 times more likely to end up on Page 1 than any other kind of content!

5. Make your videos… helpful to new buyers


An awful lot of brands believe that the hard part of the customer journey is getting to the sale. But, once the money changes hands, it’s all smooth sailing from there! Right?

Well, how do we put it politely… nope! Not even close.

When someone buys from you for the first time, that’s when your relationship with that person is at its most delicate. They are wondering: did they mess up? Will you fail them or take advantage of them? Was it a terrible idea?

In this situation, resting on your laurels is the worst thing you can do!

Instead, here’s an idea: use the power of video marketing to reassure your first-time buyer, set expectations, and help them get the most value out of their purchase as soon as possible.

In other words, make an incredibly useful, impossible-to-misunderstand customer onboarding video!

Onboarding videos do the vital job of helping your new customers succeed. And when they do, there’s a much higher chance that they become repeat customers! Considering just how important it is to have reliable revenue, it’s shocking to us how few companies use onboarding videos. You definitely want to be one of the brands that do!

Constructing a great onboarding video is fairly straightforward:

  • If you sell a product – digital or physical – show your new buyers how to use it effectively, tell them what to do if they run into any issues, and reassure them that you will assume all (or at least part of) the risk if things go wrong.
  • If you sell a service, use your video to set expectations and explain your process to new clients. Get them excited about what comes next and give them an easy way to reach out in case they run into any problems.

Onboarding videos aren’t the only powerful-yet-criminally-underrated video marketing ideas you could use. There are two more we want to share with you…

6. Make your videos… your top recruiters


Video marketing isn’t just about your customers. There are many, many other people who can help your business grow:

  • Potential employees…
  • Joint venture partners…
  • Sponsors…
  • Thought leaders and influencers…
  • Even your customers’ spouses and family members!

If you’re not using at least some of these video marketing ideas to attract important non-customers, you are missing out!

Here’s an easy way to fix it: next time you have a job opening, make a recruiting video to attract the right candidates for the position. It doesn’t even need to have sky-high production values or be a no-holds-barred recruiting pitch

All it has to do is appeal to the right people who’d be a good fit for the job… while actively discouraging the wrong people from applying and wasting your time!

(Here’s a great example of a low-cost recruiting video that still gets the job done.)

Alternatively, you can make a high-level recruiting video about your company. Be unapologetic about your values and which qualities you’re looking for in potential employees, describe what it’s like to work at your company, and invite people to apply!

For most brands, their #1 hiring challenge is all about attracting high-quality candidates (according to this 2018 survey by Monster). Video marketing can help you solve this problem more effectively than traditional job ads – you should take advantage of it in 2019!

7. Make your videos… your best trainers


Training your employees is lengthy, expensive, and complicated. It’s also necessary: there’s a direct relationship between how good your training is and your employees’ job satisfaction. According to researchers at CDSM, half of the companies that have a formal training process report more productivity from new hires – and improved retention.

Not to mention that it’s hard to excel at work when you don’t know what you’re doing!

So this 2019, you want to invest in high-quality employee training videos that will help your team do a better job, get more done, and be happier at work. Here are some video marketing ideas to help you create employee training content:

  • Tutorials on how to use your company software…
  • Health and safety videos…
  • Onboarding videos (these aren’t just for new customers!)…
  • Videos that explain your company policies…
  • Videos that teach essential skills, like sales or customer support…

And more. If you want to know which training videos will give you the most bang for your buck, we recommend that you focus on these three:

  1. An employee onboarding video
  2. A sales training
  3. A customer service training

And once you have these done and dusted, you can produce more training videos on other topics later – once you see just how helpful they can be!

Want more video marketing ideas for 2019? Let’s talk!


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