If you have any interest at all in video marketing, then you’ve heard all the big, shocking stats marketers like to throw around.

Some of them are completely bogus, like:

“This Forrester researchers says that 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words!” (actually, not even close)

Others are inspiring but unhelpful:

“Consumers are 64% more likely to buy after watching a video!” (so you’re saying everyone should embed cat videos on their product pages and make it rain?)

And still others are just predictions, competing on who will make the boldest claim:

“By 2019, 80 percent of all Internet traffic is going to be video!” (time will tell)

Let’s face it, these catchy stats tell you nothing new, or useful. Kind of a let-down when you’re a business owner who relies on good data to make decisions!

That’s why, for this week’s post, we thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to gather some actionable data about the benefits of video that don’t get covered as widely?”

So we did, and we’re telling you all about it. Let’s dig in, and discover 9 underrated ways using whiteboard and cartoon animation video can boost your marketing!

1. It reduces bounce rate from your website

Isn’t it annoying? People land on your site, poke around for a minute, and then leave – 9 times out of 10, for good!

There are many ways to reduce your website bounce rate, but using a whiteboard and cartoon animation video might be one of the best. According to an internal study by Wistia, website visitors spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without.

In fact, this retail report indicates that you can boost your product page conversions by as much as 30% if you feature a video on it. Not too shabby!

How to harness it:

Even if you don’t run an ecommerce brand, you can still benefit from an increase in conversion rate if you use whiteboard and cartoon animation videos on your website. According to Unbounce, you can expect as much as a 20% lift!

To make the most of this benefit, you can take these two steps:

  • Add whiteboard and cartoon animation videos to your most-visited landing pages, and perform an A/B test to see if they produce the results you want.
  • Feature a video about your product or service on your homepage, and test that. You can expect a significant boost in time spent on the page.

2. It helps you attract mobile users (especially on iPad)

We bet you didn’t expect that, did you? That iPhone generation, always distracted and glued to their devices, never paying attention to anything…

…except video, it turns out!

According to research by Visible Measures, mobile users consistently beat desktop users when it comes to video engagement. People on desktop and laptop computers can barely make it through 1 minute of video without yawning and going off to surf the web.

But iPhone users watch 2.4 minutes of video, on average. Androids users are even more engaged, dedicating 3 minutes of their time to watch through a video. And iPad users come out on top with an impressive 5 minutes – impressive for out distractible digital age, that is!

How to harness it:

Since mobile audiences are already pretty invested in video, you don’t need to do too much. The biggest steps you could take is make sure that the viewing experience itself is as seamless and distraction-free as possible.

For starters, make your website mobile-friendly – usually this means you need a dedicated mobile-only version (“responsive” isn’t good enough). Also, test if your videos load correctly and smoothly.

Finally, consider how and where people will be viewing your content, and help them by introducing subtitles and making the videos impossible to misunderstand, even if played without sound.

3. It boosts your email engagement

Chances are, email is still your highest-engagement marketing channel. So even a relatively small increase in your key metrics can result in a huge sales increase, or a big boost in other conversions like social shares, comments – or whatever you track to measure your marketing performance.

You can use your video content, motion graphic and cartoon videos or otherwise, to get a big increase in open rates and clickthrough rates on any email you send.

How to harness it:

For whatever reason, using video in email marketing is still rare – maybe because of the perceived difficulty of embedding a video inside an email (which is actually super-easy).

So if you want to harness this benefit for your business, just do this:

  • Mention the word “video” in the subject line, to get a 7% boost to your open rate (on average)
  • Make people click through to view the video on your website, or a third-party platform (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Insert a thumbnail of your video into the email, and link it to the video itself. For extra credit, use a thumbnail from halfway into the video, so your subscribers have to guess what’s going on!

That’s it! Honestly, it’s mind-boggling why businesses with low email engagement don’t use this tactic more. You should show them they’re missing out!

4. It sticks in your customer’s memory

Making your customer remember your brand, and your product or service, is a critical marketing objective. People rarely buy when first exposed to an offer. And the more they remember about your brand from that first interaction, the more likely they are to seek out more information.

And no other format is more memorable than video. It outperforms text, visuals, or any other medium by a long shot. According to Online Publishers Association, 80% of viewers were able to recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

How to harness it:

If you want to create the most memorable piece of content possible, whiteboard and cartoon animation video is the perfect choice. By combining easy-to-understand visuals, punchy narration, and (sometimes) catchy music, it engages your customers on more levels than regular video.

That means, whatever critical information you want them to remember, like…

  • Your unique value proposition that none of your competitors have…
  • Your irresistible guarantee that stops people in their tracks…
  • Your company’s astonishing track record of success…
  • Your innovative technology that nobody else has…
  • Your big, bold promise to change their life for the better…

…or anything else you choose to convey, will stick in their mind for weeks.

So take advantage of that by putting your best foot forward and making a stellar first impression with your whiteboard and cartoon animation video!

5. It appeals to busy people (especially executives)

There’s quite a debate going on about which is better for busy people: text, or video. And while text has been around forever, and has undeniable advantages… do you know why video is more likely to win?

Because the busy people have spoken – and the majority said they would rather watch than read! Forbes’ Videos in the C-Suite report reveals that 80% of executives watch business-related animated videos on a weekly basis, and 59% of them prefer video to text.

So if you’re marketing to executives who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, feel free to pop the champagne! You know for sure that you can’t go wrong with whiteboard and cartoon animation video.

How to harness it:

If you market to busy executives, but you don’t use a lot of video content, there’s an easy way you can get started. Take your best-performing piece of text-based content, and re-purpose it into a video that you can get in front of your target market.

By doing that, you can not only attract more attention from those busy executives you’re trying to sell to, but also dramatically reduce the time it takes to expose them to your offer. What used to be a 30-minute sales conversation, or a 10-page marketing white paper could become a 2- or 3-minute whiteboard and cartoon animation video… and become even more effective.

A great tradeoff, don’t you think?

6. It retains more viewers than you think

Most marketers believe that only a fraction of people stick around to watch their videos – all thanks to a pervasive myth that most customers “tune out” and click away 10 seconds in. But the real stats are a lot less scary!

According to Invodo (cited here by Tubular Insights), 65% of viewers watch through more than three-quarters of a product video. Kind of puts a hole in the pervasive “modern humans are less attentive than goldfish” myth, doesn’t it?

What do you know, people are still paying attention to the things they care about!

How to harness it:

So, your viewer retention is a lot better than you thought it would be – now what? It doesn’t mean that you can kick back and relax, secure in the knowledge that most of your customers will make it to the final one-third of your videos.

You still want to make sure that your video content performs as effectively as possible. Here’s how:

  • Craft a persuasive, attention-grabbing opening for your video – to minimize the inevitable drop-off that happens in the first 10 seconds, and up until the 1st minute. Check out this post for inspiration.
  • Between the halfway point and the three-quarter mark of your video, work to boost the viewer’s interest. You can do it in a variety of ways: by overcoming an objection, sharing a stunning customer quote, citing some impressive results from using your product… Give as many people as possible a powerful incentive to watch all the way through.

7.  It can be 100% ruined by a bad viewing experience

So… remember how we said just now that 65% of your viewers will watch over three-quarters of your video? Even if your video content is amazing, this stat doesn’t always hold true.

Here’s why: data shows that 4 out of 5 people will stop watching if the video doesn’t load immediately, or stalls while loading. And if it stalls more than once… you do the math.

Poor loading times are extremely common, and they are by far the biggest cause of losing viewership. If you ever want to see the effect in real time, watch some esports, or any popular livestreaming event – and notice what happens if the stream stalls or goes down. In a blink, thousands of viewers are gone, just like that.

Now imagine this happening to your video content. The fact that it’s not instant doesn’t make it any better, does it?

How to harness it:

If you notice that your video has poor engagement and retention, don’t blame the content first. Instead, ask yourself this:

  • “Is the loading time fast enough?” If it’s longer than 4 seconds, most viewers will not even start watching.


  • “Is the playback smooth? Does the video stall?” To most viewers, “buffering” is a dirty word. Even a 3-second delay in playback can be enough to make them leave.

Beyond the loading times, there are lots of additional steps you can take to create a frictionless viewing experience. We wrote an entire post about this – check it out if you’re interested.

8. It gives you access to international customers

If you run a big, profitable business, sooner or later you will be considering international expansion. With video marketing, reaching a global audience is easier than ever. Certainly much easier than with text-based or audio content!

For example, on YouTube alone – which is the world’s second-biggest search engine – as much as 80% of video views comes from outside the United States.

If you want to break out of your national market, then you want to keep this in mind for the future. And if you already have a sizable international customer base, then you should have started using video at least 2 years ago. But the second-best time is now!

How to harness it:

For the same reasons that make it more memorable, whiteboard and cartoon animation video is inherently more suitable for a global viewership. Thanks to the combination of visuals and narration, it’s very approachable to an audience who aren’t native English speakers.

In addition to that, it’s extremely easy to adapt your videos for an international audience, in two primary ways:

  • Creating subtitles in their native language, which is an extremely low-cost, quick way of making your videos more accessible.
  • Creating an alternative narration in their native language and substituting the English narration with it – slightly more tricky, but still much easier than producing a new video from scratch.

9. It curbs audience attrition

We already discussed how video content can boost your email open rates and clickthrough rates. But it gets better!

If you have an email list (as you should), you are probably getting a hefty number of unsubscribes with each email you send. That’s completely normal. But it doesn’t make it any less upsetting – especially if your list growth isn’t what you want it to be!

According to a study by Eloqua (as quoted here on Marketing Cloud), incorporating videos in your email reduces your subscriber churn by 75%. That’s a ridiculous figure (in a good way). If you want to do something about your surprisingly large number of unsubscribes, this might be one of the easiest solutions available to you.

How to harness it:

Between this, and benefit #3, you have zero excuses not to use video in your email marketing. The barrier for entry has never been lower – the technology is there, the speed of internet connections allows it, and the potential returns are huge.

So if you want to do this, here are 3 ways to get you started right now!

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