Here’s something you don’t think about often enough…

Most people on your email list never see your emails — no matter how great your open rates are.

Even if 40% of your email subscribers open and read your emails, it still means that 60% of them don’t!

Let that sink in. Somewhat depressing, isn’t it? But hey, what can you do?

For starters, write better subject lines.

A subject line that can’t be ignored is the #1 way to get more people to read your emails.

Today, we want to give you 2 strategies for doing it right. Anyone can adopt them, and you should be using them, too (if you aren’t already).

Subject Lines

1. The curiosity-driven subject line

There are few things that attract humans as strongly as a mystery left hanging.

A curiosity-driven subject line does just that – it teases your subscribers with an unanswered ‘riddle’.

This creates a knowledge gap that needs to be filled — and that leads to opening the email!

(Back in February, we explored how knowledge gaps can be used to create amazing titles for your whiteboard videos)

It can take multiple forms:

  • A question.
  • A phrase or a fact out of context.
  • A statement with a missing variable (usually the “why” or “what”).

Some real-life examples:

  1. This is why I’m driving through a cornfield
  1. “Are you a robot?”
  1. Where do you spend the most time?

Note: this has to make sense in context. If it doesn’t, there’s no payoff. And that means you’ll end up with a pissed off subscriber base — nobody wants that!

2. The value-driven subject line

In the business world, there’s this misconception that you need to resort to cheap, manipulative tricks to get your emails read. But you don’t!

Here’s an easy strategy that will work for any type of email. We have to warn you — it’s really difficult (not)!

Step 1. Promise value in the subject line.

Step 2. Deliver said value in the email.

That’s it, believe it or not!

When your subscribers believe that an email offers genuine value, they are more likely to read what you have to say. The value in question could take any form, such as:

  • Helping them solve a problem.
  • Teaching them something useful.
  • Entertaining them.

Note: as with the previous strategy, you have to make good on your promise and give them what you hint at in the subject line. Don’t ever let your subscribers down!

Some real-life examples:

  1. How to give advice so people will listen
  1. A behind-the-scenes look at the tools we use to grow our business
  1. Would you like to work from anywhere?
  1. New: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance — yours free

 3. The hybrid subject line (bonus)

Finally, there’s a third way you can create magnetic email subject lines: just combine these 2 strategies into one! Like so:

  1. How much is a comment worth? (exact dollar figure)
  1. 1,800 subscribers from ONE post, and more…
  1. You want more traffic?
  1. The $8,988 lesson

Your emails are great, and more people should be reading them. Subject lines that stoke your subscriber’s curiosity, or promise them genuine value, will go a long way towards boosting your open rates, your audience engagement, and (in the long run) your revenue. Enjoy!