Here at The Draw Shop, our first intention is to make jaws drop and mouths say “WHOA!”

In doing so, our clients are rewarded with whiteboard videos that increase sales marketing success.

We are an eclectic crowd addicted to seeing people laugh with enthusiasm when their ideas are understood. The new understanding of something that could radically change a life makes people say “Ah Ha!” In order to create those moments, we have to know the precise formula for creating a reaction that leads the viewer to ACTION. We like to impress: we can’t help it. That’s why our radically animated team can tune in to exactly what’s needed to make your audience have the “WHOA!” reaction and scream from the rooftops “I GET IT!”

Whether it’s a service, an idea or an unbelievably firework worthy product that can revolutionize the world, The Draw Shop Team knows how get the world to take notice.


Summer Felix

tds-summerSummer is the co-founder of The Draw Shop, LLC, a video animation company focused on sales and marketing videos. She is best known for her ghostwriting and copywriting skills. Having been at the forefront of Internet Marketing where she owned and sold several successful Internet-based businesses, Summer has consistently grown and adapted with the constant changes of marketing. She is blessed to work with a community of business leaders, speakers, television personalities and gifted authors of many talents, most of which are National and New York Times Best-Selling Authors.

Her greatest gift is the ability to connect with any author and take on their voice in their manuscript or copy and Summer Felixdeliver something that is extraordinary and serves a purpose larger than imagined. Summer thrives on connectedness, fulfillment, humor and finding the rarity within her clients. Bringing these ideas to others and inspiring them to take action are Summer’s zeal and proven expertise.

Summer’s 15 plus years of experience in writing and marketing, include infomercial and commercial script writing, sales letters, manuscripts, marketing copy, being a newly published fiction author herself and more. Summer holds a BA in both Communications and Creative Writing from Pepperdine University. Her passion for learning and expansion yields her a life of constant positive momentum. Summer enjoys mountain bike riding, all water sports, competing in triathlons, writing her own fiction and being a mother.

Erik Kerr

erikErik is co-founder of The Draw Shop, LLC, a whiteboard video animation company focused on sales and marketing videos and a twenty-year veteran of marketing. His expertise in everything from marketing and sales to product development gives him a wide range of skill sets. Erik’s ability to think outside of the box leads to unique and innovative products and solutions.

Erik the DrawlordHe has consulted for and worked with several companies in building successful sales and marketing programs. These programs have developed into multi-million dollar revenue streams for these companies.

He has a passion for adult learning methodology, including Action Learning, Communities of Practice and Reflection. Erik graduated in Advertising from Brigham Young University with minors in English and Japanese. Erik is blessed with a wonderfully talented wife Anitra and together they have four amazing boys.

In his spare time, he loves being in the outdoors skiing, fly fishing and travelling.