Whiteboard Animation & Explainer Video Process and Pricing

Ahoy! Like every child, star, ocean and scurvy pirate is unique, so is every whiteboard video project. Our whiteboard animation video pricing varies on a case-by-case basis, as every animated video is custom made to meet your requirements.

To better understand what factors into the explainer video cost, let’s break down everything you get when you work with our whiteboard production company!

Our Kick-Butt Explainer Video Production Process

Whereas other whiteboard production companies can take up to six months to create your whiteboard video, The Draw Shop is committed to maintaining the shortest turnaround time in the industry – 4 weeks from start to finish.

And that’s just our standard pace! On request, we can produce your animated whiteboard video on a “RUSH” schedule within two weeks or less.

To guarantee the highest possible quality for your video, our production process follows these Five Stages of Awesome:


Stage 1. Creative Brief

Before we start working on your animated explainer video, we’ll give you a short creative brief to fill out. It will help our amazing writers and artists understand what makes your business great in the eyes of your customers – and capture this greatness in your video!


Stage 2. Scripting

A high quality whiteboard video starts with a persuasive script. Our award-winning copywriters know how to sell with a story, and specialize in writing attention-grabbing, high-converting videos. They will happily create an original script for you, or take your existing one from “good” to “drop-dead amazing!”

Based on the script, you can estimate the length of your final video – 150 words, when spoken, translate to approximately one minute of narrated animation.

Note: The scripting stage includes 2 free rounds of revisions. You will be able to review the copy and give feedback. Then, your assigned copywriter will implement your revisions within 24 hours.


Stage 3. Voiceover and Storyboarding

After you approve the final script for your animated video, it’s time to record the narration and draw the storyboards for your project!

To save time during production, voice over recording and storyboarding happen simultaneously. Your assigned artist will sketch out the storyboards, to give you a clear idea of what the finished video will look like. And for the voiceover, we’ll give you plenty of samples to choose from – so you can cast the perfect narrator as the voice of your brand.

Note: As with Stage 2, you will have 2 free rounds of revisions to change the storyboards and the voiceover to your liking. Once we have your approval, we’ll move on to filming and editing!


Stage 4. Filming and Editing

When it comes to high-quality whiteboard animation, we firmly believe “there’s no school like old-school.” That’s why all our explainer videos are drawn by hand and filmed live!

At this stage, your assigned artist will create a gorgeous animation based on your finalized storyboards. Next, they will send it to our videographer, who will integrate the visuals and the voiceover into a seamless, jaw-dropping, and persuasive video!


Stage 5. Enjoyment

Congratulations – your whiteboard video is ready! We will deliver your finished video in the MP4 format. That way, you can immediately publish it to your website and any other platforms of your choice. And then it will start attracting new customers to your door!


The explainer video price is customized depending on several factors. So, please tell us all about your AWESOME project during your POW WOW. Once we know what your dream is, we will let you know what it will cost to bring your beautiful whiteboard explainer video to life for the world to watch and say things like:

“WHOA! I gotta share this!” “
“BAM! I Get It!”
“Sweet! I’m using this company!”
“Shut the front door! I gotta have this product now!”

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