Animated Product Explainer Videos

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Animated Product Explainer Videos

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To excite prospects about your product, nothing is more effective than a high-quality whiteboard animated explainer video. Since its inception, video content has been widely recognized as the most powerful marketing tool on the planet. People LOVE animated images. Our brains are hardwired to get excited and fixated in an almost hypnotic manner.


Benefits of Video

If you’ve developed a smartphone app, new software, financial service, or any other product or service, you need effective educational video marketing. You can try ordinary words on a webpage, and HOPE people have the attention span to read it. OR you can show them a super cool three-minute product explainer video loaded with awesome art, eye-catching graphics, and a specially written script. We design these whiteboard and cartoon animation videos to hold an audience’s attention and make them thirst for your product.


How does it work?

Animated product videos tell your product’s story in a unique and engaging way. A top artist records their hand drawing about your product on a whiteboard. As your script is read, the drawing process is sped up, for a super cool visual effect. It’s a powerful vehicle to explain your product to customers, and entice them to purchase.


Telling Your Story

The amazing part of animated product videos is how easy it is to tell your story. Some businesses begin with background, describing how the initial idea was born. Others describe the problem their product is designed to solve. Many jump right to features and benefits, hoping to seamlessly convert leads into sales. Whichever you choose, it’s the most effective way to show customers that your product fits their needs. Also, whiteboard product explainer videos offer unlimited graphic options, so you can create a powerfully unique video geared towards your potential customer.


Multiple Videos

Some products need a more detailed explanation and description, and that’s where animated explainers easily excel. Creating more than one animated product video allows capturing your targeted demographic’s interest a much more attainable goal. Since most of us have short attention spans, breaking your product pitch up in to multiple pieces of content allows for a much more engaged audience. A 2 to 5 minute video offers additional details in an entertaining, easy to follow package. Not only will it help you increase your conversion rate, it gets you even more visibility, keeping your product at the forefront of customers’ mind.


Viewer Response

Animated Product Whiteboard videos help viewers understand the message you want to convey. More importantly, the call to action is specially crafted to trigger a response, making it more likely the targeted audience will take action. Written words, on the other hand, often leave prospects wavering, not ready to take the plunge. Because the content is entertaining, customers don’t perceive product videos as advertisements, and they’re eager to share them on social media sites. You never know, maybe your animated explainer video will go viral!

Animated Product Explainer Videos

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