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Animated Training Videos

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Training Videos

Looking to train people to do something they don’t know how to do? Teach your team to use a new device, security system, or software application? Show customers how to assemble your product? A corporate whiteboard and cartoon animation video is a super clear and easy-to-follow tool for proper training with total accuracy, and zero mistakes or confusion. You’ll get the results you need, and as a bonus—your trainees will ENJOY the process.


Benefits of Video

Let’s say you want to make sure trainees get it right, to avoid big headaches. You can write a bunch of confusing words, and hope people don’t get overwhelmed or make mistakes. OR show them a clear three minute high quality animated explainer videos loaded with funky art, eye-catching graphics, and a specially written narrated script, designed for maximum clarity and comprehension. Which would you choose?


How does it work?

Animated training videos help train your viewers in a fun, unique, and engaging way. A top artist records themselves in the process of drawing your training course on a whiteboard. As your training script is read, the drawing process is sped up, for a super cool visual effect. It explains your training course to viewers in a clear way, keeping them interested and focused throughout the process. This is what makes animated how to videos so effective.


Your Training Story

The amazing part of customer or employee training online videos is how easy it is to describe the process. The same things that would take 4 or 5 pages to write…can be explained in just 60 seconds! No exaggeration. That’s because visual images are so clear and descriptive, your trainees will instantly understand your point. They can follow effortlessly, and walk away educated and prepared for the task at hand. And with unlimited graphic options, it’s simple to create a powerful, captivating video.


Multiple Videos

Is your training program extensive? Too much for one sitting? No problem! You can simply create 2, 3 or 4 shorter whiteboard videos. Trainees have short attention spans (like the rest of us), and a 2 to 5 minute instructional video is the perfect way to show them additional stages in an entertaining, easy to follow package.


Viewer Response

Whiteboard videos have a profound impact on trainees. They will understand the message you’re looking to send and have a productive learning process. As a bonus, unlike a written document or powerpoint—they will find your video animation fun and entertaining, and thank you for it. It will keep their attention, give them a clear understanding, and help them remember long-term. It’s been psychologically proven that a concrete, image-filled story is provides the most memorable “sticky” message.

Bottom line: if you need to train people, and want them to understand your lesson, stay focused, remember it, and THANK YOU when it’s over…look no further. Whiteboard animation video is the way to go. Learn more about our whiteboard training videos today!

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