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Sales Video

Companies are always looking for new ways to increase their sales. Using a whiteboard and cartoon animation video is a great solution as they help you to clearly explain your products to your customers. With the right team of professionals helping you create an animated marketing videos, it will be easy to convert leads into sales.

What Is It?

So how does it work? Animated sales videos have a unique way of presenting an idea or story. An artist will record themselves in the process of drawing on a whiteboard. The drawing process is sped up with a script read over it. This helps to clearly explain a product to customers, and can easily entice them to make a purchase.


Telling a Story

The great aspect of whiteboard and cartoon animation is how easy it is to tell your story. Some businesses will do a background information about how the company was started and how they can help their customers. Others will focus purely on business explainer videos, making it easier to convert leads to sales. Either way, an animated sales video allow you to show customers why your products fit with their needs. Whiteboards are not limited on video or photography options, making it easier for you to create a unique and engaging video.


Multiple Videos

To keep your customers interested and engaged, create multiple videos of popular products. Certain products may require more details than others, which is where whiteboards can easily excel. Customers often have a short attention span, and a 2-5 minute video can not only offer the additional details, but it will entertain them.


Viewer Reaction

The whiteboard videos have a profound effect on the customers. They are able to clearly understand the information you are telling, and there is a call to action at the end of the video. This makes it much easier for them to act versus wavering on the sale for a while. Animated marketing videos do not come across as an advertisement as they are entertaining to watch, and easy for customers to share on social media sites.

Whiteboard Animated Videos

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