Have you ever been the victim of someone who micromanages people? Or have you actually found yourself falling into the role of the micromanager? In this episode, I will help you tackle the tough subject of micromanaging and figure out how to empower the people who work with and for you. I’ll be guiding you from pinpointing the signs of micromanaging to implementing ways to be a source of encouragement and empowerment to your team.

Having good people management skills is not natural to everyone, and some people and situations seem very hard to manage without jumping in and doing most of it yourself. I get it—I’ve been there. However, knowing where to jump in, and (mostly) where not to jump in, is really important. Listen in to learn some important questions to ask yourself and your team that will help you work together better as a team through trust and encouragement.

In this episode, we cover topics such as:

  • Why micromanaging can wreak havoc on your team and their work output.
  • What micromanagement is.
  • Are you guilty of micromanaging?
  • The cost of perfection.
  • The difference between micromanagement and check-ins.


Please enjoy today’s episode — and visit the resources below to find everything mentioned in the show!

What you will hear:

  • [0:42] Where micromanagement shows up in our lives and the effect it has on people.
  • [3:34] Questions to ask if you think you might be micromanaging.
  • [5:06] Why it’s so important to be okay with team members making mistakes.
  • [10:10] The magical thing that happens when you empower your team.
  • [12:55] How to delegate in an effective way.
  • [16:41] How to watch out for signs of being a micromanager and focus on the things that keep the needle moving.


Ideas Worth Sharing:

“One of the biggest complaints that people have about their leader or manager at work is the feeling of being micromanaged.” - @summerfelixmulder Click To Tweet “The feeling of micromanagement robbed me of my confidence, and even my ability to do good work.” Click To Tweet “Empower that team member to figure it out on their own and come up with something.” - @summerfelixmulder Click To Tweet


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