“The heart has its reasons, of which reason knows nothing.” -Blaise Pascal

There are two types of repeat business. Most people get them confused.

There’s the one type, where someone buys something from a company over and over again, for a specific reason. Maybe because…

  • They have the best price
  • They can’t get it anywhere else
  • The location is super convenient
  • Or some other thing that company has a “lock” on

Then, there’s the second type of repeat business—the “customer loyalty” type.

Customer loyalty can seem like a truly bizarre phenomenon…mainly because it’s anything but reasonable.

It happens because we feel an emotional connection with a brand…and that’s so much stronger than having a logical reason why we do business with them!

Customer LoyaltyThink of a die-hard Star Wars fan…they can’t logically explain to you why they love Star Wars, over, say, a movie like Tomb Raider. Chances are they just identify more with Luke Skywalker than Lara Croft. They can’t explain that anymore than they can tell you a logical reason for liking Sicilian Pizza better than Neapolitan.

So how do you achieve this coveted customer loyalty? You earn it by doing the opposite of what most companies do!

  • Focus on them. Like the Star Wars fan, your customer needs to see themselves at the center of your story. It’s okay—necessary, even—for you to be the hero, as long as they can also feel comfortable imagining themselves as the center of attention.
  • Don’t get bogged down in the details. It’s really tempting to tell people about all of the features and processes that make our offers so great. And you should! But not before showing them you understand their pains, fears and aspirations…all of which help strengthen that emotional bond.
  • Offer something of value for free. Giving away something useful makes customers instantly trust you. It also triggers our inherent need to reciprocate, making future repeat sales much more likely.

Repeat business is nice, but loyalty…oh baby. Imagine your competitors’ faces when they try to “rationally explain” why their offer is better than yours…only to have your customers delete their email without reading it! Welcome to the irrational (and profitable) world of loyalty.