Video is becoming the go-to marketing tool of choice for businesses that sell to other businesses. 

Actually, scratch that: it has already become the single most important marketing channel in the B2B space.

See for yourself: 81% of B2B companies use video marketing;  for 30% of them, it’s a more important asset than their website; and most significantly 69% of businesses that don’t use video currently… expect to start investing in it in 2022.

(The primary source of these stats is our good friends at HubSpot.)

And if you want to leverage video to bag more B2B leads, prospects, and buyers for your business, today’s article will help.

This week, I’m going to share with you 5 commandment-style strategies that will propel your company to video marketing success in 2022 and beyond. Myself and other video marketing thought leaders agree — these are the essential principles for creating and implementing a high-engagement, high-ROI video marketing strategy in the B2B space.

So let’s break ’em down, shall we?

Read on, and you will learn:

  • The #1 tweak you should implement to make your B2B marketing videos instantly compelling to your audience.
  • How B2B prospects actually engage with your video content — and how to make sure they remember your message and act on it.
  • One surprising strategy that more and more video marketers are embracing… even though it doesn’t actually use video.
  • 3 techniques to differentiate your B2B video content and help it outshine all competition, even in an oversaturated market.
  • The #1 mindset you need to adopt if you want to attract more customers (it’s what separates good marketers from exceptional ones).

And more.

We have a lot of commandments to get through, so let’s get cracking!

Pictured: mustachioed drill sergeant in full uniform is standing in front of a board with 5 items listed on it. He's in the process of explaining the 5 commandments of b2b video marketing

1. Don’t waste a second of your video (not one!)

Many marketing thought leaders will tell you that people’s attention spans have hit an all-time low — so all video content must be as short as possible to succeed.

I disagree. It’s a long-debunked myth based on shoddy science, and it’s high time that us marketers let it go.

That said… I do agree that most B2B marketing videos could be about 20-25% shorter. There are tons of 2m17s videos out there that could be stronger at a crisp 2 minutes, or 1m50s videos that should have been 1.5 minutes, etc.

So the next time you create a new video asset, invest extra time at the scripting stage to make it as tight as possible.

Also, here’s another profit-destroying flaw of B2B marketing videos: long-winded, murky openers!

You know the type. I’m talking about intros that make you tap your foot with impatience, even though it’s your break and you’ve got nowhere to be… 

…but you’d rather go anywhere else in the known Universe rather than endure that meandering video that takes forever to begin!

If you’re making a video for other business owners (or anyone, for that matter), challenge yourself to drop the main “hook” in the first 5 seconds. Just dive face-first into the value of your video — or at least describe what the value is going to be. Here are some killer openers you could borrow. Be my guest!

If you don’t do either of those right off the bat, anywhere between 20-60% of your viewers will stop watching… and it’s going to be tough to blame them.

We’re all busy. Don’t be a tease.


2. Accessibility is queen

Your customers will rarely experience your B2B marketing videos in perfect circumstances and with zero distractions.

Most of the time, they’ll be 20 minutes into scrolling their social feed while stuck in traffic and bored out of their mind; or on a plane, battling crappy wifi and their seatmate’s deafening snores; or making breakfast for their kids, watching like a hawk so nobody eats the raw pancake batter; or… you get the idea.

My point is, your B2B prospects are almost never going to engage with your content unbothered by anything or anyone and laser-focused on the message. More often than not, something will get in the way.

That’s why you want to make your videos as easily accessible — and as optimized for an imperfect experience — as possible.

That means, make sure that viewers can access your videos from anywhere, on any device…

…and that they can get the message — even when they’re watching with sound off, or listening with no picture.

To that end, you want to:

  1. Test how your videos play in a variety of web browsers, desktop and mobile devices, and internet connections. Make sure that even a suboptimal setup delivers a smooth experience.
  2. Inject closed captions into your videos, so customers know what you’re talking about even with audio off (that’s often the case with social videos)
  3. Make sure that visuals and audio are strong enough to stand on their own: invest in bold, clear visuals and a professional-grade voiceove.


3. Video is *not* the one true experience

Just because video is the most compelling experience… doesn’t mean it’s the only one your audience will want.

We all have our preferred ways of learning and absorbing new information. Some people are video hounds, and god bless ‘em; but others might prefer to listen to the message instead; and still others will opt for the good old-fashioned text and visuals. Or heck, even text-only!

So don’t let video be the sole messenger that gets in front of your prospects. Diversify. Amplify.

Repurpose your B2B marketing videos into slide decks, podcast ads, PDF white papers, articles — you name it. Each content type will appeal to a different subset of your target market, depending on their preferences and learning styles.

And if someone absorbs your message more than once through different mediums, even better! This goes back to the previous commandment: giving your audience more choices, more access, more opportunities to “get” your message to sink in… is simply good marketing.

Most prospects need multiple touch points before they convert, anyway. Make sure they have every chance to do so, across multiple channels and in many forms.

Trust me, no one would be more pleased than me if everyone switched to video as their go-to type of content. But we haven’t yet, and we might never get there. So give your prospects what they want… even if it means something other than video!


4. Differentiate (or perish)

Your prospects are drowning in B2B video content, and have been for years. Every day, countless companies compete for their attention, and ultimately — their money.

If you want your business to stand a chance at attracting dream-fit customers or clients, you need to find a way to stick out like a star NBA player on a kids playground. You need to make your content and your message instantly noticeable and impossible to ignore.

Let’s explore 3 simple techniques to differentiate your B2B marketing videos from everyone else’s, even in a hyper-competitive space:

  1. Use humor strategically. Most B2B content sounds joyless and corporate, because many entrepreneurs assume that’s what the market wants. Well, they are wrong! Not only is it possible to create fun, human-sounding content in any industry — it’s actually the best way to get potential buyers to know, like, and trust you. Here’s how.
  2. Master VOC (voice of customer). Talk to your target market in their own words. Describe their problems the way they describe them. Talk about their goals in the exact words they like to use. Shamelessly rip off your ideal buyers’ vocabulary and mirror it back to them, and you will instantly stand out from any competition.
  3. Lead with your USP. Your prospects are looking for solutions made specifically for them. So stop being coy about what makes your business and offer unique and special compared to everyone else! Put your USP front and center in every marketing asset you create, video or otherwise.


5. Never stop showing up

Remember my earlier point from Commandment #3? The one about multiple touch points being required for conversion?

It doesn’t just mean you want to repeat the same message multiple times… 

…it also means you’ve gotta maintain a constant presence in your audience’s lives.

Because (almost) nobody will buy from you, let alone become a loyal fan, after watching one video. To turn strangers into leads, prospects, and ultimately — customers, you will need to show up as a trusted, valued voice in their lives.

And you’ll need to do it time and time again, with unshakable consistency.

Play the long game. Sow your ideas, your values, your messages in your audience’s hearts and cultivate them patiently: with each B2B marketing video you produce; each potential customer you help; and each offer you make.

Even when it feels like the thousandth time. Even when it is actually the thousandth time!

Because that’s how you outlast, outcare, and outshine the competition. Where a lesser entrepreneur might get bored and bow out, you will keep showing up for your people.

Keep providing value.

Keep being their top of mind presence.

And your ideal customers will rally to your side. First as leads, then as prospects, and finally — as devoted buyers who can’t and don’t want to stay away.


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