Have you ever really thought about your relationship with money? How about how it has affected your business in terms of profitability and growth? Today I am going to be talking about these topics and more with trained therapist and one of the top-ranking business advisors in the United States, Jennifer Love.

Jennifer has made it her mission to lead 10 million female entrepreneurs in scaling their business beyond $1 million each year with her One More Woman Movement, and she joins the show today to share what it takes to scale your business and let go of mental hang-ups around money. Listen in to learn the biggest roadblocks that women entrepreneurs tend to face and how we can overcome them to increase profitability and revenue.

In my conversation with Jennifer, we cover topics such as:

  • The major roadblocks for females who are trying to make more money
  • How to transform your relationship with money
  • Examples of women who have scaled their businesses by more than $1 million
  • How to let go of repressed anger
  • The importance of being vulnerable

Please enjoy today’s interview — and visit the resources mentioned below to find Jennifer’s website and more, which are worth checking out!

What you will hear:

[01:49] Introducing Jennifer Love

[05:58] Jennifer’s entrepreneurial journey

[07:38] How she got into strategic development

[10:10] The biggest roadblocks for women entrepreneurs

[13:24] Advice for transforming your relationship with money

[19:27] How to uncover what your roadblock is with making money

[20:50] How Jennifer helped a recent client reach her goals and let go of stress

[23:10] How a woman reached her goal of running a billion-dollar company

[26:28] The importance of vulnerability

[29:50] How to uncover and let go of repressed anger

[34:26] What Jennifer looks at when she begins working with new clients

[36:06] Ways you can connect with Jennifer


Ideas Worth Sharing:

It’s not about sacrifice and suffering; it's about how we are being in a relationship with ourself.- @JLoveBiz Click To Tweet Whether you admit to it or not, the amount of money you need to continue your business is a big stress point.- @JLoveBiz Click To Tweet If we can take ownership, then we can be free of our trauma.- @JLoveBiz Click To Tweet